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BPC 157, an interesting peptide. Accelerated/faster restoration?

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  • BPC 157, an interesting peptide. Accelerated/faster restoration?

    A while ago I was having issues with an inflammatory bowel condition. Looking for a solution online, I came across a peptide called BPC 157. There is no wiki page on this, but here is a page with basic information on it

    Bodybuilders/athletes commonly use this peptide to recover from injuries, mainly ligament and tendon damage. These two types of tissue (tendon/ligaments) receive significantly less blood flow than tissues like smooth muscle and skeletal muscle, so that is why you see athletes taking so much time off for injuries like ACL tears.

    So BPC 157 can be thought of as a healing compound. There are studies done on it, but it is still pretty new. The mechanism by which it works isn't clear. It is thought to promote the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis), thus enhancing nutrient delivery to specific areas of tissue. Method of administration is usually sub cutaneous, but there are some studies done using it orally.

    Some studies -

    It is a very experimental compound. No one has used it for restoration, at least that I am aware of. Just thought I'd put it out in the restoration community's consciousness. I am not a scientist and can't answer technical questions. Maybe there is someone in the community who can interpret the science better than I