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I have some questions, Im 14

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  • I have some questions, Im 14

    I am 14 and have been restored my foreskin since august 10th, i first started with manual tugging for 20 mins a day and at the end of september i began using a tlc x tugger on strapless mode during the day and at night i take medical tape and move as much skin as possible up towards the glans and tape it into place, then when i get erections at night it puts it under tension.

    I have three completely unrelated questions and didn't fell like making three threads for them, so here they are.

    Question 1
    I know that on natural foreskins there is a thing called a ridged band which basically closes it up over the glans, i think that it also promotes it fore skin to naturally wanna slide forward after the erection goes down but I'm not sure. I know that you can't regrow the rigid band, but will my new foreskin close up over the glans of my penis or no? Will it just be an open tube of skin? Some people on forums say that it does not close up but others say it do. If it doesn't usually close up do you think that my young age will maybe make it close up around the penis as if it had a rigid band?

    Questions 2
    I've heard that the inside of a natural foreskin when touched gives a ticklish sorta sensation that feels great. Will my new inner foreskin have this? And what if I focus and grow more of what's left over from my inner foreskin? Will it feel like that after dekeratinization?

    Question 3
    I've heard that without a ridged band people with restored foreskins constantly have to "make it", like they always have to push it back over the glans cause without a ridged band it doesn't naturally wanna stay over it. Is this true? Does your restored foreskin stay over the head of the penis always or does is it slide back and bunch up agains the glans and then you have to slide it back over? Some other people online say that it doesn't naturally go back over the glans after an erection. IS that true? And if so might my young age while restoring make my new foreskin naturally go back over the glans after an erection?

    Also if there is any other information you think I should now about foreskin restoration please tell me. Thanks!

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    Trying to give answers based on my efforts .
    1. No ridged band for me as it was cut off, but when the conditions are good , what I have is tight over the glans.

    2. My scar was about halfway on the shaft with regular skin closer to the base, and lighter skin towards the tip. I believe that the lighter skin is what would be the mucosal tissue. I also think that it is recovering its function and sensitivity .

    3. Once enough skin grew, it started to push over the corona of the glans when flaccid. Gravity is your friend in this case. I will keep tugging until I get full erect coverage .

    I wish I could have started at age 14!

    Good tugging .


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      1. The ridged band is lost when you are circumcised. However, the dartos muscles are the main way the skin stays tight, so not having a ridged band is more like not having a quick snap back, than having loose skin. I can tell you that my skin is tight, closed up, and looks like it has a ridged band. In fact, at times, it is closed so tight that I have to bear down to pee.

      The thing to keep in mind is that most photos you will see of restoring men are men restoring when the photo was taken. the restoration process puts stress on the skin, causing some swelling and relaxation. It is typically reported to take a year or more after you stop tugging to find out how exactly your skin will behave. And, everyone is different, some intact men have tight foreskins, other loose. And, in hot weather, it will be looser than in cold weather. So a lot of variables to factor in when assessing any one person and their results.

      2. You are getting too deep into the nuances of exact sensation for me. I can report that my inner skin and glans are more sensitive than they were. Much more important, my skin is mobile and that is the real prize for me. that is what has given me whole body orgasms, and they are a whole different experience than climaxes were before. So I would say that, yes, you will be most likely more sensitive, perhaps a great deal more sensitive. But once you get enough skin to have the so called gliding action, then you will see a dramatic difference in feeling, and you won't worry about sensitivity anymore. YMMV.

      3. Not true in my experience or the reports of restorers I have read. But you have to grow enough skin to stay over the glans, and that may be more than you think. And, there are some who do not want too long a foreskin, for them, the coverage may not be as reliable. I suggest it is better to think of the ridged band as something that allows the foreskin to slip back over the glans more quickly, sort of snappy, than as the main reason it stays in place.

      Sounds like you are well on your way to restoring! Keep on tugging!