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Strap Tugging and Hairy Penis

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  • Strap Tugging and Hairy Penis

    I'm concerned that tugging with a strap will result in hairy skin being pulled down onto my penis from the base of my penis or result in turkey neck from scrotum skin being pulled up. I don't want either of those. Strap tugging is promoted without any mention of this possible complication. However under Manual Tugging this is well addressed with techniques to avoid this issue. So my question is: should strap tugging be avoided??

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    What we do is apply tension to the skin. that tension causes cells to divide, which increases the amount of skin. We are not stretching the skin, other than a side effect of applying tension. So, no, tugging with a strap should not cause hairy skin to move closer to the glans, other than temporarily while tension is applied, nor should it increase turkey neck. More likely, both will be reduced. many men have used straps to tug, it is well accepted and regarded.