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My 2 Year Restoration Progress Starting from CI-0. (Warning, Nude Pictures!!)

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  • My 2 Year Restoration Progress Starting from CI-0. (Warning, Nude Pictures!!)

    Hello, I started Restoring in the Summer of 2014. There were spans of time where I did not retain or tug for a while, but restoring has always been important to me ever since I learned about it and I try to stay consistent. I was cut very tight at birth, and very high on the shaft. As a teen I never knew why something felt weird about my penis until I got exposed to uncut penis in porn then it all made sense. Anyway, I just wanted to share these photos to show that it does work.

    My Method:
    Manual Tugging, (sometimes both hands, sometimes one hand, sometimes flaccid, sometimes semi) Get creative. Just apply Tension

    No harsh soaps on the penis. Those soaps are not meant to touch our sensitive parts, they strip all moisture (plus having a nice musk is normal)

    Use medical paper tape to push the foreskin forward and keep it there all day. Its easy to remove. And you can pee while wearing it. I also sleep in it.

    Occasional use of castor oil or coconut oil, some natural form of oil to add to your newly restoring foreskin for nourishment just as you would the skin on your body

    These methods helped me get partial coverage, gliding action, more sensitivity, more veins, allowed my scrotum to move back making the base of the penis expose more, better sensation for women, stronger orgasms, better appearance.

    I still have a very long way to go.

    This is me in May 2014
    You can see that the skin is way more tight, theres no visible creases or wrinkles in the outer foreskin The glans is very keratinized and the scar line is very visible.

    And these are all recent from 2016

    Now you see that there is more skin, the glans are improving, and the scar line is lightening. But I still have a few more years to go. All I want is 100% flacid coverage.

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    I can't see any pictures on my iPad, any suggestions?


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      I don't see any pictures either... I'm interested in seeing them too. I also started from a CI 0, and am approaching my 1 year mark, although it hasn't been strictly consistent...


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        When I pull up this post the browser asks me to login to the Members Area of, so I'm guessing that the OP posted pics on there and is trying to link us to that site.
        Check out my restoration progress gallery here!