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  • New skin seems weird

    I've been restoring seriously for about half a year. I had tried off and on before that, but never found a method that worked well for me. Using the TLC-X without straps seems to work well, though. I tug for most of the day, and I usually do one or two days off per week and don't tug at night, so something like 14/6. I use a moderate amount of tension, but it is only rarely painful.

    I have started to notice new skin wrinkling up near the glans, which is great. However, the new skin seems a bit weird -- it feels a little rough, and it looks shiny. Also, some of the skin in the area being stretched is shedding off.

    Is the rough/shiny new skin and the shedding of old skin normal? Does it go away after a while? Or, on the other hand, does it mean I'm tugging too hard or too long?


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    Yes that's normal. Once you're done restoring, it takes about a full year for your skin to "normalize". Remember , it's been thru a lot of stress over a long period . In the mean time use a moisturizer nightly before bed. Something with Aloe Vera in it works great.


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      Great question, I'm going thru the same thing myself right now. Already had two layers dry out and flake off, and now I'm trying to be super careful because the new skin is so tender and it's a bit much for gentle self method. I don't know if I'd call it pain, but it's intense.

      3rd layer is crusted now, and I don't know if it's better to let it dry and flake off, or to keep it tucked in the foreskin and well moisturized (like I have been the last 4 months). I kind of feel like letting it dry out helps with the shedding... Thoughts? Anyone ever use a face scrub to help the flaking skin?

      Keep us updated on your progress, Startingtorestore. Welcome!


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        Are you talking about inner mucousa or outer shaft skin?