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  • Slow progress?

    I started restoring 3 months ago, (mostly taping, I don't ever manage to find enough time to establish a tugging routine)

    i have had some encouraging progress, (I was ci-2>3 before starting) after removing the tape, the skin will stay right behind my corona, but after a few hours, usually while sleeping, this will disappear and I will be left with an area of wrinkled skin over about 1/2 of my inner foreskin.

    I know that the process can take years, and that getting the skin over the corona is a particularly time consuming bit, but I would really like to see a bit less of my inner foreskin after an erection or a nights sleep.

    My question is, how long did it take you to get good, consistent progress? I feel as if I am not really getting anywhere, or at least anywhere fast.

    any advice / suggestions welcome!


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    Don't expect to get anywhere fast. Get into the habit of taking pictures in multiple positions and replicate those every month or so. It is easy to forget where you started or where you were a month ago. Taking progress pictures is a great way to know if you are making a difference. I take pictures doing FEC because it is the most consistent. I have been able to see progress from month to month consistently with my FEC pictures. Other than that the best thing I can recommend is getting into a consistent habit of actually restoring. I had to buy a device to force myself to start and have not stopped since. It has since become part of my daily life and I feel like I am wasting time whenever I don't have a device on.


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      Foreskin restoration is not a quick process. It can literally take years. I just finished my first year a couple of months ago. Guess what? I'm still not done. I was at C3 before and I'm still a C3. I'm looking forward getting over the hump though. Things get easier from there. The best advice I can give you is to make a routine of restoring and take it one day at a time. Just put on your device/tape in the morning and go live your life and do things. It makes time pass a lot faster when you're not just waiting around.

      I agree with mlg. Taking pictures is an absolute must. Measuring FEC is also something you can do (though I personally find it unreliable). This personal documentation can give you a sense of how far you've come and can make you feel like you've accomplished something. Don't get discouraged though. We're all in the same boat here.


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        Thanks for your replies,

        I'm prepared for this to take years, but I'm eager for progress. I tape usually 16 hours a a day, fortunately it fits in to my day to day routine nicely, I have had 7 days "off" in the last 3 months.

        I try to tug for a while at night, but don't always manage, I want to tape through the day and buy a device to use after a day of taping (I don't do anything during the hours that I'm asleep)

        I have noticed a difference in the amount of loose skin while erect since starting, so that's a positive!


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          Hang in there. The beginning of this process is deathly slow. As you gain skin you'll have more skin available to be under tension and therefore your growth will accelerate as you gain skin. KOT!


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            Was slow for me also - particularly at my CI 0 start.
            I suspect, only suspect, that some form of light tugging between more serious tugging sessions, maybe only that given by retaining, would help growth.

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