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Need help understanding the Cl levels

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  • Need help understanding the Cl levels

    Hey Guys. Newbie here. Doing a lot of reading and can't seem to find a diagram or good description of the Cl levels that you all refer to. Any help appreciated.

    By the way, I'm a doc that saw the light years ago and refused to do circumcision despite a lot of pressure to do them. I had no idea about restoring until recently. I was circ'd as an infant and now have hope to restore some of what was taken away from me.

    Appreciate all advice and encouragement .

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    Here ya go: . In fact , check out the whole website.
    So you're a doctor, huh? I bet you did come under heavy pressure for refusing to do circumcisions. How many of your colleagues have you managed to help see the light?


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      In our group of 6, only one would do them. The rest of us refused especially after the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) began to question the practice . Believe it or not, while at a national meeting about 20 years ago, there was a group protesting circumcisions as we entered the conference center. I took one of their pamphlets, read it, and never did another circumcision. Then I went back to our group and made everyone of the docs read it... all but one stopped that day.


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        Oh... thanks for the info!!


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            Thank you doc.