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Beginning restoration from partial circumcision - Need personal advices

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  • Beginning restoration from partial circumcision - Need personal advices

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks you in advance for your time and support, this whole thing is new to me but I accidentally came to realise a lot about what happened to me and restoration, although sounding long, I know this is the path for me.

    A bit of context.
    I do not blame the doctors, nor my parents, I was 7 and impacted with a severe phimosis causing infections and inner skin to glue to the gland. Doctors said there was only 2 solutions which were a partial or a full circumcision. The recommended a partial, and my parents and mainly my father (I owe him a lot for that) strongly insisted to remove only the least possible even if that meant to have to come back for more, and keeping the frenulus at all costs. We never discussed this really, but I believe he somehow knew about foreskin use. The result was very encouraging my mother told me because, back then,the skin was nearly recovering all of it.

    Situation now.
    Over the time, body growing, the foreskin left recovers less and less. In deep sleep, my gland is mostly covered, when I stand though it is rare that it covers the crown and the foreskin bends just behind, as if lacking just the little bit to stay further away. When I have an erection, it is not covered of course, but I have the forward skin motion (masturbation/penetration) that come to recover the crown and a little more.

    Coverage Index: 4.

    Why I want to restore.
    I assume that, from a circumcision perspective, my situation is not too bad, but I am sick of buying super soft expensive underwares and using moisturizing creams to take care of my penis, and I understand why my sex life is not so rewarding. I want to fix it as much as restoration can provide, I get that lost original foreskin is gone, but restoration helps to a good degree.

    Foreskin/Inner skin left.
    ​​​​​​When I stretch the skin whilst in erection, the amount of inner skin/foreskin (from the crown to the surgery scar) is about 1 inch 1/4 or 3.3 cm long roughly.

    Questions and need of advice.
    My objective it to maximise the stretch in order to extend mainly what is left of original foreskin/inner skin. Obviously, what I don't really know, there is so much to read on this topic sadly, is what techniques or blend of techniques to use in order to maximize that. My understanding is that this would mean a better restoration than mostly stretching the shaft (which will be part of it to some degree I guess).

    I am ordering a DTR anyway as I strongly believe that I will be able to use it from the as is situation. I have only started from last Saturday (Nov 12th) manual stretching but barely enough skin to do the finger pull with a good grip (nearly there though!).

    I am also trying to get an appointment with a specialist doctor to estimate my left foreskin accurately and see if any is able to follow my restoration. When this develop further I will update you.

    Many thanks in advance for your help!


    PS: I am fairly new to all this, and it is only by accident recently that I understood that the loss of the foreskin was a sexual mutilation... so if there is need of more information from that I don't think of, let me know.
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    It's good you found out about this. In retrospect, phimosis CANNOT be diagnosed in a 7 year old child, only after puberty. Phimosis can also be fixed WITHOUT cutting by stretching the opening and the use of steroid cream to help with its loosening. Your doctor was a quack. How old are you now? You may be able to sue the crapout of him. Checkout They specialize in circumcision lawsuits.
    In the meantime tug away and restore as much as possible.


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      Hi, thanks for your message. They definitely diagnosed it but it was a severe issue, where my glans and the foreskin where sort of merging together. I really dout unfortunately in my case that a steroid cream would have helped as it was more complicated than loosening. Maybe there was other treatment but back in 1993... however they were looking at doing the less damage option. My ase was really a serious shit more complex than a tight foreskin unfortunatelly. Which is why they said a full one was safer eventually as they feared skin would still glue together with the cron area... Also, being French it is extremellying complicated to sue doctors so many years ago. I am 29.


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        Too late now any way. The clock starts ticking when you turn 18 and you have limited time. Not sure what it would be in France, but it's definitely much less than 11 years.
        When you were younger did they try to retract your foreskin? The foreskin is fused to the glans at birth just like your fingernail is attached to your finger. This is to keep contamination and bacteria out of the urinary tract. Over time this adhesion breaks down by itself and the foreskin becomes retractable. To force it before it's ready causes pain and recurrent infections. Sometimes this natural adhesion doesn't break down until puberty. This very well could have been the source of your persistent infections.


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          From memory everything was fine and then it messed up at 7 year old. Near to 8 surgery was considered the only solution, and at least at the time, my parents could not decide not to have surgury, because my case was really serious and it then became surgeon authority leaving my parents a choice between full and partial. They ultimately chose partial bargaining on requesting the minimal cut possible. For years my gland was barely visible when not erecting. But anyway... things are the way they are.

          What do you mean from 18 the clock start ticking?

          If you have any advice regarding my original post and what techniques I should focus on if any provide a specific cell growth. Because of the good amount of foreskin inner skin left, what is the best way to stretch it and not the shaft skin, what I suppose is the logical idea to follow to end up with a restoration as close as the original foreskin right?


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            There is a staute of limitations limiting when you can bring suit for these kind of things. The length of time varies widely from place to place, but they generally start when you turn 18.

            Since you are going to be using a DTR, just using the pusher should be great for growing inner foreskin. You'll probably need to grow some outer skin as well. Ideally you want to end up with your scar just inside by about 1/4 inch or so (6-8mm). That way it will not be visible and having a double layer of outer skin, which contains the temperature sensitive dartos muscle sheath, right at the end, it will pucker down and help hold it in place. The naturally tapered end of your original foreskin is gone which contained the preputial sphincter is no longer there. This is how we compensate for it. When you are done restoring you can also have a small wedge of skin at the end removed to create a taper, but most guys don't really need to. More cutting is not good.


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              Great news !

              My thinking is exactly that. I was then assuming right that if possible creating more inner skin is the beat to recover the gland if possible Which I think, given patience, and given my "moderate" circumcision (prob. 25% of my 7-8 year old foreskin), I should be able to manage.

              The taper result is what scares me most. My skin is already fairly loose at the end od my foreskin, particularly aound the frenulum where i have been fidling since my curcumcision... Although I agree, more cut means less nerves again...

              My scar is barely noticible, only I can tell because of a beauty spot on it. I will be hidden anyway as it is already hidden just by 1 mm.

              Looking at my stuff.. I expect more rapid results at the start, the foreskin is only asking for a tuny strech to be able to stick on the other side of the crown. My is quite pronounced and steep. At the moment, it goes over when I sleep or if I am sitting relaxed, if I stand though, it bends and stacks up on the back of the crown.

              Is the skin naturally shrinking to make a taper over time or does it remain loose ? That is my main concern.

              I guess the answer may well be no, but does regrowing cells bring some new nerves with it?

              PS: my uncut father, who is really sorry for me, told me after I asked he is a CI7. So this is my objective. 4 to 7


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                When restoring you need to go a little beyond what you think you need. First, you need some overhang so that the dartos muscle can contract due to the slightly cooler temperature and hug the glans. Secondly, when you stop restoring you get a little rebound shrinkage when you skin goes back to its relaxed state, about 10% or so. I would set my goal at CI-7.5 or so. You're so "lucky" to be starting at a CI-4. The bastard that cut me (as an adult) did so at a stupid tight CI-1! And took half of my frenulum! I felt like strangling him. Where I am at now is the most time consuming and frustrating stage of the whole process and its taken me 3 years. One good thing is as you gain skin the process speeds up some because you have more skin under tension and therefore more skin cells to divide. You don't get new nerves, but they do grow along with your skin. Once you can stay covered by retaining, your inner skin and glans will shed the keratin layer that has built up over the years and the sensitivity of what you have left will return. The inner skin will also become slightly tacky further helping to hold the skin in place. CI 7 is a good goal. That's where I was before I got cut.


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                  I am very sorry to read the way you have been changed. I really do.. I assume this is still due to the "ancient" beliefs still deeply rooted. Apparently, talking to a Jewish friend of mine (not Jewish myself, although that does not matter), according to him, the way I was cut as I was 7-8 year old is very close to the proper biblical circumcision, as in cutting the overhang bit, although in my case they cut me as a CI 5+. Trouble is, I assume, as the left foreskin does not stick as much as it should thank to the tight overhang, it did not extend through time with the natural mitosis. When I stand now as a 29 man, I am more CI 3+ but "luckily" I have enough foreskin and fairly elastic to start from a "better" place.

                  Great you have been persevering this much! You are doing yourself justice! I am only starting, I have no idea where I will go, as I am feared the "doing it every day for 1 year" as a start will be challenging. I guess I will gain further motivation in a years time to commit for another restoring campaign and so on till 7.5 ...

                  I have talked to my parents last night, they said in my case cream treatments were done although I don't remember much, and my case was medically severe. The doctor was "sorry" to have to have me through circumcision but that was apparently the only solution left. That surely explains the minimal cut. Best case scenario for me is that I have not lost too much nerves and that the only thing I have missed is the everyday mitosis along my body growth for about 10 years or so (8 to 18). But that is enough for me to advocate against this practice to anyone I know. I don't even want what I have to anyone.

                  * Who know one day with stem cells they may restore us all, foreskin and nerves ^^


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                    A couple of years ago I began using a product called the BathMate. It was fun and I enjoyed using it and seeing a big difference in size. What I didn't realize was that it began providing me with some slack that I did not have before. I am 47, so perhaps slack comes with age, I don't know. My dad never told me about this.
                    The reason I am writing this post is that I want to tell you guys getting started that there might be a tremendous benefit to using the BathMate in combination with the Tugger. I experienced a side effect with BatMate that I had no desire or intention of having--loose skin. When I noticed that I started to be covered I Googled to see if other men had similar results. What I had not expected was that my search led me to a rabbit hole of men complaining about circumcision.

                    I have never been unhappy about my circumcision. Ever.

                    What at I read on the Internet just made me wonder.

                    The Tugger changed my anatomy very quickly. I am now completely covered in a relaxed state and I'm getting close to that while erect. I absolutely love the new feeling. I am 24-7 aware of it as I walk to work. I have a new stride and I am grateful about the new way I feel.

                    My wife and I are enjoying being together more than ever. I actually wake up an hour before we used to just to have some time together. I believe there might be something to using both the BathMate and the Tugger in combination.

                    I love the new feeling.

                    It is fascinating to me.

                    In one word I would say it is indescribable.

                    In closing, I am so grateful for finding Tugger!

                    Good luck. I hope this is helpful.
                    ​ ​


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                      So, how long did this take?


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                        I've been using the BathMate for two years. The results that I got from Tugger were quite quick. In six weeks of using the Tugger I now consider myself uncircumcised. That's just the way I look when I wake up, when I take a shower, and going about my day. I am certain that it was the BathMate that gave me the slack to make the Tugger work so quickly. I think that this method might be easier and more simple than the method of using tape when getting started.


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                          How much slack did you have before you started all this?


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                            McFly and parsecskin,
                            I have really enjoyed reading how you have been helping each other with such good advice.
                            je voudrais dire <<Bon courage!>>
                            i really hope you have the same results that i have had.


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                              I had no idea that there was any possibility of any slack until I was 18. A close buddy of mine got to talking about stuff and I was confounded by his statement that he was able to use his extra skin while jacking off. (I could not get off without lubrication.)

                              So in response to your query I would say that I had no or very little slack when I started using BathMate about 2-3 years ago. (I'm 47 now.)

                              It was not my intention to grow foreskin. It just sort of happened.

                              Once I started using the Tugger I found great results (6-7 weeks).

                              I hope you are on the same road to success!!!