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Should I quit, what are my options?

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  • Should I quit, what are my options?

    Last edited by charlie3771; 11-21-2016, 07:49 PM.

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    This one is a shock to me. I cannot see any way that using the TLC tugger could produce such symptoms, and put anyone into a hospital.

    All I can think of is that maybe you should do manual tugging only for the present.


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      You got something else going on. There is no way a restoration device can cut off the circulation to that extent and effect the rest of your body. Sounds like Guillaume Barry Syndrome. Or Guillain-Barre Syndrome, depending on how you want to spell it. With this your immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system.


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        Originally posted by charlie3771 View Post
        Was in hospital for 3 days because the device (tlc tugger) cut of my circulation. I had whole body numbness for 2 weeks, and missed 3 days of work. I thought I was having a stroke. (Penis is still numb.) Even very slight tension causes the symptoms to reoccur. Including dizziness, and loss of feeling.

        Unsure of the cause, I kept tugging after my numbness relented. Unfortunately my addiction to tugging has been compromised and I am unable to.

        I am here to ask a simple question, aside from manual tugging, do I have any options in regards to foreskin restoration? I am not too keen on taping, looks like a hassle. I have been tugging for a year, seems like it finally has caught up to me. Unless that is, I need a larger cone?

        Did you get an actual diagnosis? A TLC Tugger cannot cause peripheral neuropathy or Guillain-Barre syndrome. They are not caused by mechanical tension being applied to skin! I'm sure those syndromes would make tugging feel very unpleasant or worse, but tugging cannot cause them to occur. That is not biologically plausible. For your own health's sake, please find the actual cause and get it treated!
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          I am still very concerned for you. A childhood friend of mine had a full body weakness and numbness episode like yours, was very weak, had to be hospitalized, and was diagnosed soon after with Multiple Sclerosis. I do not mean to frighten you but your constellation of symptoms could be a sign of MS as well. I cannot tell you strongly enough that discontinuing TLC Tugger use will not cure any syndrome that causes the kind of full body symptoms you had. The TLC tugger cannot cause central nervous system effects like you describe. I don't doubt that tugging could make the symptoms worse for you or more unpleasant, but tugging won't cause the underlying problem.
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            Originally posted by charlie3771
            My MRI showed no sign of MS, and the doctors have eliminated all other possibilities... I think I may have pinched a nerve in my penis' skin. I too thought it was MS. I just wish there was a way around this.... would a cone a few sizes larger possibly solve my problem?
            An MRI alone cannot definitively diagnose MS (or rule it out). My friend's MS was ambiguous on an MRI and was only diagnosed after spinal fluid analysis and a neuro exam.

            I will say one last time that pinching or tugging your penis skin cannot cause body numbness. That is not biologically possible. This is not a problem you can solve by changing the size of a TLC tugger.
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              Please tell me you went to the hospital...

              Are you ok?
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                I came back to call bullshit on this and another thread. I don't want the message for tugging pissed on. This post is the most extreme of the two, of course. Can't happen, won't happen, will never happen as described. Maybe I should repeat that: the symptoms and the nonsense mechanism described can't happen from tugging on shaft skin. Now, if we're talking about some sort of psychological break with reality, then the sky's the limit for those guys. And the most telling part of it? The fact that the OP deleted his post; a sure sign of slash and run. Of course, his use of the word "addiction" might raise a flag, don'cha think?

                I will never understand why you guys can't smell the stink; it's the internet, and it's rife with this kind of crap.