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Forced Erect Coverage as a metric

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  • Forced Erect Coverage as a metric

    No real topic on the new forum yet, so I thought I would start it. Here's the link to the TLC web site on the metric. I am using this metric to track my own progress and am interested in the sort of progress people who have regularly tracked this metric have seen. I will post my results to the progress forum (early here, yet), but what have others found? I don't think I've ever seen a long-term time series of measurements for it.

    Just for fun, I measured the FEC of my (uncut) husband today. His FEC (He is CI-9 soft and hard) is about 190%. Of course, he has all of the anatomical structures intact that help with coverage so he can no doubt have more coverage with less actual skin than most restorers need to achieve comparable coverage. It's an interesting data point regardless.
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    I find it extremely useful. Have gone from 50% FEC to between 105-110% so far. I had a graph on the old website that I made for fun that logged how it progressed every week, and it as really neat to be able to actually visualize progress in a form like that. 10/10, would use to measure penis again.


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      It's the metric I use too. Started at 61% and got it to about 113% now. There are two main issues with it IMO - firstly it's hard to be sure you're using the same amount of tension each time, secondly it's hard to measure accurately once you're past 100%! But it's the most simple metric to use that I have seen.


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        I've never used any measurement as a guide to my progress. Oh, I've "measured" the length of my restored foreskin from time to time but never consistently enough to use it for anything statistical. Never saw the point in doing so because my progress has always been self-evident.

        My personal "measure" of progress is just sticking my finger down the inside of my foreskin with the tip of my finger down as far at it can reach beyond and along the side of the head of my penis while FLACID and stretching the skin to see how far I can reach with my finger but I'm going to have to figure out a new method of doing that because I've already reached the end of my longest finger which is 3" long. Guess, this should be called Forced Flaccid Coverage - FFC.

        BTW, FFC may be a more practical method of measurement because not all of us are horny young men who can still get hard by just glancing at a pic of naked lady (or man) anymore. If you believe the Viagra commercial 50% of men over 40 have ED problems. So, FFC may be the only way some men can measure their progress. LOL!

        Unfortunately (for me), even with 3" of FFC, I'm still only at CI-6/7 because my foreskin is extremely thick and elastic which prevents it from remaining forward beyond the glans. It just rolls back and the current stasis point is usually around 50-67% of glans coverage but I sometimes get full 100% coverage but this is still rare. So, I'm guessing that I'll need at least 5-6" of FFC to achieve CI-8, which is my current objective.
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          I think foreskin measurement with FEC works to a point but all variables should be constant. I am not nearly as erect when I am alone with a pen and a ruler than if I am getting ready to get-it-on with someone. Alone my hard state varies too much to take accurate measurements (unless I pop a Viagra on measurement day). In stead, I deploy a method that is very personal. You set a benchmark on what your goal is. For me, its full erect coverage with overhang. So, when I get erect and have a ruler near by, I just measure how much of my glans shows on its own. The thing about restoration are the little victories.

          1. I got roll-over
          2. That roll-over is half way over my glans
          3. Heavy hang my foreskin is touching my corona
          4. ​Semi-erect my foreskin is touching my corona
          5. I got full coverage 100%
          6. I can urinate and have to pull back the foreskin
          7. partial erect coverage

          Those are my victories thus far....