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Can this even work for my partner?

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  • Can this even work for my partner?

    Hi, this is Mike's Wife Heather. Mike is a trucker and unable to participate in forums and such so he sends me out to do the looking for him. I'm new here but Mike and I have been togeather for 4 years. Sex is a serious challenge and one of the most difficult things for us to deal with as a married couple. You see, Mike was circumcised twice. He isn't comfortable talking about the reasons why, we are just trying to find a way to live with it. I've looked at the coverage index and I can't grade it. Mike's penis is normal sized but the skin does not fully cover the shaft. It is nearly invisible when flaccid and he often finds it more comfortable to urinate sitting down. He has so much scar tissue it is hard to tell exactly where he was cut. The corona is not pronounced it sort of fuses with the shaft without the ridge I'm used to seeing. The skin often rips during sex of any kind. Through trial and error, we've been making it work but it seems like it is never fully healed. I think he might be too bad for this to work but we don't have a whole lot of options right now. We are going to go see a urologist in December but he is very uncomfortable with doctors. I know he feels ashamed to have someone else looking at him as it looks like his penis is incredibly small. It isn't but he doesn't really believe me when I tell him it is there and I can feel it, it's just not easily visible. We're looking for how to start encouraging the skin to grow when there isn't anything to attach to flaccid. It can be grasped when hard but not soft.

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    Hi, Thanks for sharing your account of a challenging restoration opportunity. Sorry circumcision has affected your family, and so severely.

    There's a chance he can use a tape method for maybe a year, and it might get him to the sort of mobility where typically-cut guys would be starting from. Look up articles on T-Taping here: and see what you think.

    To use a tapeless method there needs to be enough slack so the skin can be forced up over the whole glans to hide it (just while you hold it there), nudging the glans back as needed.

    If you contact me I'd be happy to reach out to restorers near your zip code to see if anyone wants to join or form a local support group. I say this because we may find that techniques are needed which are innovative and tailored for his very specific circumstance by direct observation.

    I'm also happy to look at emailed pics or to Skype (ID: TLCTugger) if that could help.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      Hi, sorry to hear his and your troubles. I definitely recommend to see a urologist, although they may not be very familiar with the restoration process. However, this doctor will be able to let you know what was done, what was removed, and what is left and in what quantity.

      - I would definitely recommend that your husband uses an intense repair hand cream. They provide moisture the lost foreskin cannot do anymore and also reduce the impact of everyday rubbbing whilst repaitring and making the skin more elastic. That helps giving a little better sensitivity overtime. He should also make sure to remain well hydrated which is key fo the skin (the cells) to be at their best potential.

      - T-Taping is a good idea, I agree, and if his penis skin is taken care off with such creams, maybe he can try to try a blend approach with some manual stretching.

      - From CI3/CI4, he will then be able to use tension devices (DTR and TLC-X, both help stretching different parts of the penis skin). The early stages are the slowest, and the more there is skin to pull, the more the skin grows. Remember, restoring is about foring the skin to grow though mitosis (cells spliting in two to makes more cells, so more skin...)

      Unfortunately, restoring is a very long process, but hearing his troubles, it is lucky you are so understanding and supportive. Once restored, or even partially restored (CI 4, CI 5) he will be SO HAPPY, and you as well that he will be greatful of the time invested in it.

      I definitelly encourage you both to go through the restoration process. It may take him 5 years, but as the process is gradual and slowing speeds up, every month will be better for him, and sexually for you both than the previous one. His gand will come back to a better look, moist, and sensitivity!


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        One thing very important. If his skin rips that is a real issue because restoration means the skin must not be damaged. You cannot pull the skin if ripped. It must repair and that slows down the process. Again, he should moisturise every day with an intense repair hand cream, and use lub' and moituriser during sex.