Hi guys,
I need your help... I am partialy circumcised, I was using the straps for a while but it was way discomfort. I could only tug just for a couple of hours after work and I noticed that it was inducing tention only to the outer skin. So I took the TLC X and I feel that it really suits for me. But I have some worries.
1) The Collet: does it only make tention to the inner skin or to the outer as well?
2) Ruber Band - Springs: does they only make tention to the outer skin or to the inner as well?
I don't want to do something that it could not be undone and regret it...
plus I can slip the TLC X over 15 hours a day without feel any tention...is this right? Will I see any progress with such less tention?
(sorry for my bad english)