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  • so many questions

    Hey all,

    This is my first post, but I've read the forums here for a long time. I'm 25, I have been restoring using the tlc x for about 9 months now, and I'm so happy with my progress. when not restoring I usually have some rollover now, and my corona is almost always covered up without having to wear a retainer. The sensitivity ive gained is really amazing. I have a few questions for more experienced folks as I go forward.

    Ive moved up to the second smallest spacer, and I can roll my slack all the way to the rod, should I move up another spacer? How frequently should I add spacers?

    also, when I'm cold, my skin often rolls forward and looks, well, like I have a foreskin. This is always fleeting, and very temperature dependent, but will there ever be a time when I don't have to push my glans in to my newly grown slack in order to have it stay like that?

    finally, I feel like I'm also starting to grow more hair on my shaft since I started restoring. Is that possible or am I totally crazy?

    anyway, thanks y'all and keep on tugging

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    Good for you! When you have enough skin it will stay there all by itself due to the end puckering down from cooler temps and once you're covered all the time your inner skin and glans will become slightly tacky which further helps to hold it there. Most people don't truly realize just how much skin the foreskin has. On an adult the amount missing is 15-20 square inches! The size of a 3x5 index card...or more! That's a lot of skin. Literally HALF of the skin on your dick. I don't see how you could grow more hair from tugging. Just keep plucking them, eventually they won't come back. KOT!


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      Add spacers when you feel you're ready. If it's uncomfortable or doesn't stay, you weren't ready for it yet.

      The extra shaft hair is just from pulling the hairy base up onto the shaft, grow enough hairless skin and it will reccede back down. In the mean time, pluck or shave works.
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