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Curious about Restoration and Tugging.

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  • Curious about Restoration and Tugging.

    I am a 20 yo in the US. I was circumcised at birth. I am completely cut. I happened upon a video on youtube where a guy happens to have been restoring his foreskin for 4 years. I googled it, and found this website, and started reading the frequently asked questions. I am definitely interested in restoring my foreskin, but want to know more about it from users, like in details, as well as maybe ideas on what worked and what didn't. IS there any advice I would be given since I am first starting off? And just general thing about it. Like how can I tell if I can stretch my skin, or not.

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    Good for you man! Best thing you'll ever do for yourself . Everyone can restore. The younger you do it the less time it takes. How you start really depends on how tight you were cut in the first place . Here's some resources to check out so you can get up to speed.
    The National Organization of Restoring Men provides information about circumcision and foreskin restoration.
    This last one is a video called Elephant in the Hospital . it's great.