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How strong of a tug does it take to have mitosis happen?

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  • How strong of a tug does it take to have mitosis happen?

    Not very strong? If the skin gets red, is that too much? Also, If I don't have a very good grip, what should I do if I can't tug for long enough?

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    The ideal tension is different for everybody, but in general you should go to the elastic limit of your skin plus a little bit more. It should be a good tug, but not hurt. A little redness at the end of the day is OK, but it should be gone by morning. If it isn't , you're tugging to hard. Approximately 1 lb of force is all that is needed. You have to experiment to find out what YOUR ideal tension/time combination is. You want to trigger mitosis, not put your skin into repair mode. This is a slowwwww process. Rest days are important too as once mitosis is triggered, it continues for days AFTER tension is removed. Also every 2 or 3 months a complete week off is a good thing to do too. Take it easy, the last thing you want is skin tears or stretch marks.