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    I have reached my 70th birthday. I have been tugging since I was 58 and consider myself restored. I still tug regularly, mostly using inflation, as it seems to be a habit I do not want to break.

    I would like to know how many seniors – say from the age of 65 – are contributors to this forum? The idea is to be able to discuss how “old circumcised men” approach sex and sexuality (any persuasion) as we head into old age.

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    I'm 66.

    Have been restoring "off and on" for over 30 years. Was a very active member of the old forum; less so on this one. I'm CI-6 when flaccid; started at zero. Enough skin to fully cover the glans when pulled forward, but it just won't stay there.

    Still sexually active and enjoy the feeling that the gliding action provides. I'm content w/my current level of restoration. Not currently tugging and not sure if I'm going to do so much if at all anymore, given my age and the uncertain amount of time needed to achieve further results.


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      I'm 54. I just wanted to note that the late Freddy S was tugging and contributing to the old forum well past his 80th birthday.
      -Ron Low
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        I remember Freddy, his was the first "hello" I got when joining the old forum, that meant a lot at that time. It is sobering to think that a decade could be all I've got and no guarantees on that either! However, I still enjoy life to the full. I am pleased with the changes I have made to my genitalia knowing that my restoration is a major factor (as well as my younger wife!) in keeping me sexually active.


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          I'm now age 69 and also have fond memories of Freddys.

          Now happily restored to full reliable flaccid coverage - CI 7 or 8. There are some details in my profile statement. Took me much too long - would like to study methods to optimise the restoration process.
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            I am 70, circumcised with a lot of loose skin just below the head of my penis. I have been tugging for several years and now have enough foreskin to cover the entire head when soft.
            If I pull the foreskin back off the head, most times it will recover the head within a few minutes automatically. I can pull the foreskin about half way over the head when hard.
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              I'm 69 and started restoring a couple of years ago after finding the old forum while surfing the net. I never realized such a thing was possible. In fact I never even thought much about being circumcised. After reading all I could on the subject of foreskin and restoration I learned of what had been taken from me though ignorance and the medical profession's desire to dictate what should be done with a helpless infant just because that's what they thought they should do. I can only restore a few hours a day and haven't seen too much progress except since I'm a grower when flaccid my skin will come down about half way down the glans. I don't think it ever did that before I started restoring. I can't tell much progress when erect just when I'm flaccid. It could just be due to my penis shrinks up so much when flaccid. I'm really upset with the medical profession for not educating more people about what a person is losing when they circumcise someone with no medical reason to do so. Also that they are doing something to someone without their consent. I was never angry about it until I educated myself about circumcision. So many people are ignorant about this subject. We must try to educate more people, namely young women and men before they become fathers and mothers. I enjoy reading everyones questions and other things on the forums.


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                Thanks, everyone, for these interesting responses to my enquiry about senior restorers over the age of 65. Five "solid" restorers have replied so far and are all improving their lives and well-being by reversing some of the catastrophic harm done to them by their circumcisers. It is important for everyone on this forum to understand that the improvements they make by tugging can help them maintain an active sex life into their old age. I agree wholeheartedly with Trey that we need to educate the young parents about the cruelty and damage associated with unnecessary circumcisions. My three sons are intact as are my three grandsons.


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                  Originally posted by WoodyHoody View Post
                  My three sons are intact as are my three grandsons.
                  My father was born in outside the US and was not circumcised. My son is intact (my choice) as is my grandson. I spoke w/my daughter-in-law about it before the birth and they agreed not to circumcise him as well.

                  So, ironically, I am the only one out of 4 generations of men in my family to have been cut. This was due to the medical politics at the time - 1950 - when doctors really didn't consult mothers/fathers about the procedure and parents didn't question the "accepted" medical practice at the time.

                  Fortunately, the things have changed but, unfortunately, not uniformly so. Continuing education and discussion is the only "solution."