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Hyperrestore off duty cone.

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  • Hyperrestore off duty cone.

    Wanted to put this out there, got the hyperrestore off duty cone about a week ago. Was seeking other options for retaking because I have a very physical job so retaining at work was next to impossible with my your skin cone let alone trying to tug at work. dont get me wrong the your skin cone works but it's rigid and with the slightest bump or rub off it came so nights or work I couldn't stay covered. Seems like to use it you have to be either nude or in very tight briefs.

    I looked into into other options, was ordering a DA hyperrestore and saw his cone and ordered it along with the inflation device. More reports on the inflation after I use for a while. But the retaining cone for me at least is the bees knees. It's very soft and tacky, so any bumps and nudges it stays right in place. At work or sleep. Very excited to have something to retain with now full time other than tape. And at the price of only $10 not too bad.

    I would strongly reccomend it to anyone who's been having difficulty retaining or looking for something new. It's very comfortable. Also take a look at his application video. The way you put it in is most likely not possible with the your skin cone, too rigid. But I feel it gets way better of a grip and conforms very well.. easy to pinpoint a roll over point when retaining just on how far you pull it down before you pop your glans back in, just like using spacers when tugging with the tlc-x and pin pointing your roll over.

    Also so I tried using it as the outer cone in my tlc-x when tugging and can be difficult to get on since it's a bit larger than the cone it came with and softer, but gives me almost a extreme conforming grip I love it. I'm actually starting to tug at work now and feel I can conform to any position I have to get into and the device stays put.

    I love it for retaing and and also it feels like adding to my tugging time I'm getting in. Just a observation I have had with new things I'm trying as I go. Thought I would share.

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    I also have the hyperrestore retainer but I can't get it to stay on. It pops off in a couple of minutes. So I use Scaraway silicone scar sheets. They look like a big bandaid but are reusable. Just wash them and they come out like new. I wear it every night for retaining and I've been using my current one for 3 months, still no signs of wearing out.


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      Interesting I'll have to look into those. Have you watched his video on applying the cone? It is different because you pop your penis through slide it down and pop back in. I like it also because it seems to create very light tension even though because I don't have enough skin to cover completely it's like a very mild tug all day. Is that how you apply it? When I do it that way it seems to get a better stick and can even wear at my physical job.


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        I have seen the video but still no luck. But I haven't given up yet. I will give it another try now that you mention it. I think it is because I don't have enough skin, yet, about 100% FEC. And when flaccid my dick really shrinks up a lot, I'm a real grower. I bought Scaraway on Amazon, couldn't find it locally in Canada.


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          I'm in almost the same boat. A real grower, about 97% fec. I would say I'm about 3-4 in soft but then about 7"maybe little more hard. And it's working for me right now. Give it another try but that scaraway sounds intesting I gotta give that a try.