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Kynodesme amazon tribe style

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  • Kynodesme amazon tribe style

    Most of us have already heard of the Kynodesme, ancient greek athletic supporter and foreskin lengthening string tied around foreskin overhang and waist.

    A previously uncontacted amazon mashco-piro tribe is wearing belts that seem to be the same purpose.
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    So this thing is supposed to lengthen the foreskin and I suppose to keep the penis from flopping around when running?


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      I'm not sure about these ones specifically, but something similar I've seen before were another tribe who would tie up the foreskin with the purpose of making sure that the glans isn't exposed - since they considered it inappropriate. Females would also avoid sitting in positions exposing the vagina.

      Such a string is probably not doing much to lengthen any skin in any case, since it's not pulling, but just keeping it in place.
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