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  • First hurdle...

    I have been manual tugging on and of for a year now, and not seen much change. I tried taping, but it hurts too much. The tape pulls skin and hair, and when I take it off, I feel raw, and my skin feels as though it has been ripped. And, I don't have quite enough skin to comfortably use tugging devices.
    I joined the forum a month ago, and have since begun reading and studying on devices. I have tried to construct some simple ones with no luck.
    I don't know if I am doing something wrong, or where I should start. A few things: I do have some slack skin, enough that when flaccid my foreskin rests against my corona. I use regular medical tape to construct/attach devices. I need methods with a low profile and ease of construction.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Try the canister method. I started with it from a stupid tight ci-1. It does require taping. However, if you use Mefix tape and the silicone based adhesive from Advanced Devices along with their citrus based adhesive remover, it will not be bad on your skin at all. They also sell a couple of different canister bodies that are very well made. If you can use a 35mm film canister, a CAT II Q tugger body will fit on it perfectly, taped on with electrical tape, as long as you completely open up the end of the canister. This will give you a dual tension canister! I used this set up for about 9 months and was able to use a TLC X after that. Check out their websites.