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  • Glad we're back

    Wow can't believe the old forum is gone, this has been a body slam for the restoration movement due to the loss of google links and archives, hope things get back to normal quickly.
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    Tony, I am also glad we're back. I think I have counted 7 or 8 members before myself. It will be great when all of the Old Timers, and Newbies begin to appear on the member list.


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      I'm a ... (cough)....known restoration old timer who very likely won't be posting here, but I signed up to generally support the idea of a continued forum and add to the member list; there were dedicated forums in existence when I started (all now defunct), so there should be some sort of island in the cyber stream for current and future newbies.


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        It's great to see the board up and running again. I'm so sorry that everything was lost in the transition. Much of the history will be impossible to replace. So sad...


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          Yes, it IS good to be back. The old forum had a lot of good members (no pun intended)and resources. It will take time to get this one to where we left off.


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            Yes its good to have the forum back.


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              Also glad to see it back up, I think I'm lucky enough to have backup progress pictures when that area is rebuilt.