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Flaccid inner foreskin pushing up against the corona?

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  • Flaccid inner foreskin pushing up against the corona?

    Hello everyone! I just began restoring well, pretty much yesterday, and i didn't really go much more than around 15 minutes. Im 17 years old. I was looking at my penis while flaccid and noticed that the inner foreskin, that is, the light pinkish skin above my circumcision scar, bunches up at the corona. If I grip slightly below this, I can sort of pop this skin up over the corona onto the glans, along with shaft skin. I can only slip it up a small amount over the head before i begin pulling up scrotal skin. When I slip this skin over the head though it seems like my flaccid sort of shrinks, a little? I dont pull up scrotal skin but my softie appears to shrink. Could i wear a retaining cone like this or do i need to do more stretching first, or will this damage my penis? Beginners advice would be great. Thanks.

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    I started restoring back in 2014. I went for a year and had life get too crazy and had to take a year off. I'm starting up again now. It seems like over the year of not doing anything at all, I've lost the slack I gained during that year of tugging because when I was tugging I was able to force the skin over when I was flaccid and use an o-ring to retain for as long as I wanted. Now when I try that, the ring pops off after 10 or 20 minutes. Maybe moat of what I had was stretched skin and not actual growth. Anyway, the point in telling you that is to tell you this:

    I would always retain when I wasn't tugging (during that year that I was restoring) and I experienced the same thing. I believe this is because we don't have enough skin to actually cover the glans while flaccid, so when we force it, it pushes the glans in a bit because something has to give way. I never experienced any harm or even discomfort from this. When you get cold, your penis actually shrinks back into the body at varying degrees, depending on the person and the temperature, to stay warm. If you use a TLC-X, which I and many others do, it actually pushes down on your glans and do the same type of thing. As far as it being harmful, I would say it is not due to my experience and reading many others experience. Someone correct me if you have had a problem because of this, but I have never read a person having a legitimate problem, as in causing harm. The only thing I've read is some people simply don't like the idea of it being pushed in like that.

    Now, with that being said, you do need to be concerned about erections. If you have compressed your penis and it is in a situation where it cannot grow with an erection, you could injure yourself. Always test things out by causing yourself to have an erection when you start a new device or tension in a device or retaining in any manner. This way you can immediately take the device/tape/retainer off if you feel any signs of pain or discomfort. That way you will know if it is safe to do during sleep when you may not wake up and feel it until the damage is done, or perhaps even for when you're out in public and that sexy girl walks by and you get a chub, you don't have to realize the hard way that you don't have enough slack to allow for an errection and the retainer isn't going to give.

    Lastly, I really don't know how retaining affects skin generation. Some people swear that it helps it, some people swear that it slows it down and others think it doesn't do anything. One thing that I do know for sure is that if you retain consistently for a while, you will gain sensitivity in your glans. This is a wonderful thing, until you have to rush out the door one day and didn't have time to put on whatever you use to retain and your newly sensitive glans is rubbing against your underware all day because you don't have enough skin to cover it without a retainer. It doesn't sound like it's much of a deal, but just rubbing against your boxers as you walk around can feel like sandpaper. It's horrible. Anyway, my point is it pretty much comes down to personal preference whether yout want that sensitivity before you have the full coverage without the retainer and it comes down to being prepared to always have a way to retain for those days where you wake up late and have to rush out the door. Like maybe keeping a backup retainer in your car or backpack or something. Sorry for the long post. More knowledgeable people will chime in soon. But this is all my experience over the year(s) that I've gathered from LOTS of reading and a lot of doing.

    Good luck on your journey and welcome!!
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      It sounds like you have a relatively loose cut. That's a good thing. Retaining alone does nothing for growing skin. You need to tug for that. If I were you, I would get a restoration device like the TLC X or the DTR. How much research have you done on this topic? There are many websites with a lot of great information. This forum is a.great resource too.