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Tight skin under the circ scar

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  • Tight skin under the circ scar

    Im not sure what it is. But between the circ scar and base of my penis. About 1/4 or 1/2 inch under the scar I've had tight skin. Ill get an erection and that part of the shaft will stay tight untill it gets stretched out. Id consider my circumcision loose and I think a lot of frenulum is left intact I think. Any one else have this?.

    On a side note since restoring I hadn't noticed it much, maybe since that skin has been stretched over the tlc body.

    When I exercise I can get 100% coverage and the end closes up tight. I know the rigid band was lost but this has always confused me

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    Dartos is an amazing thing! I have the same thing, though only when I started to advance to partial coverage. I don't have a frenulum; however, what you are experiencing I do each day. The Dartos Muscle is the thing that regulates the temperature in the testes. Fortunately for us restorer's it is a muscle found in the subcutaneous layer of penile tissue. What does this mean to you? Well, the longer your foreskin is, the greater the temperature differential is between that which lies on your penis and an "over hang" of restored foreskin. Over hang will cause an acute temperature differential that will cause your overhang to contract. Just like your testes/penis does in cold weather. Upon erection, that muscle is still contracted, thus giving you a tightening appearance.

    Now​ working out actually makes your penis smaller (depending on how hard you work out). In heavy workouts your body slows down blood flow to ancillary services. Penis being one of them. So, lets put them all together. Working out, blood slowed down to sex organs = cooler temperatures, Dartos muscle reacts: cooler temperatures = bring all the stuff closer to body to maintain optimal temperature. Penis gets smaller foreskin gets tighter and you got yourself a 100% covered penis.

    I can nerd out on this, but you get the gist right?


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      That's good! This is because this area is where your device grips the skin and is not under tension. When you are done that area will be your hanging over the end acroposthion. This will help keep the skin puckered tight when you are done and you probably will never need a purse string suture. I have noticed the same thing in my restoration.