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  • Just Some Encouragement to KOT

    It's been a while since I've been around, but I've kept on tugging. My progress seems to be accelerating! I would suppose it's because the skin cells I'm stimulating into mitosis are multiplying exponentially. I started at CI-4, tried all sorts of devices and methods, and nothing worked for me except manual tugging and using a Your Skin Cone to retain. Well the cone has been gone for a while now and I'm thoroughly enjoying CI-8 as I continue frequent daily tugging. Finally, my goal of CI-10 is in sight! I'll tug to CI-11, which will settle back to a CI-10 after a couple weeks without tugging. I expect I can be there within a couple years or less!

    I just wanted to put this out for those who are disheartened by slow progress or tighter cuts. It really works, and you dont have to spend a dime. Manual tugging has been the single most effective technique for me and I've tried nearly everything. But anything will work for you so long as you do it consistently. But stick with it, dont give up, and you can have a real, working foreskin!

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    Be careful of your terminology lest you draw the wrath of Info. Yes, your skin grows at an increasing rate as you gain more skin simply because you have more skin under tension and thus more skin cells to divide. I have noticed this myself. However, its not exponential growth.


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      LOL Parsec is right, "Exponential" growth isn't possible unless you have cancer, but that aside, you don't get my wrath, you get my congrats. It's your kind of post that really adds to forum support. It has the ring of truth to it, and a good sense of the time required. I hope others here read it (the few who are interested in tugging and what it really involves).


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        Well, exponential in my thinking was 1 cell splitting to 2, then 2 to 4, 4 to 8, and so on. Granted, it's on a cellular level, but progress is progress and I'll take it.

        I frequented this forum for a while searching for hope and encouragement. It was the words of people who had gotten past what I was currently dealing with that kept me going, people who took the time to come back here to share their success, that kept me tugging when it felt pointless. So it's my pleasure to pay it forward and perhaps provide hope for someone else.

        Thanks for recognizing my post for what it is, info. And KOT


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          Manual IS extremely effective. Especially method 2 because you have 2 anchor points. It's good to vary and change up your methods. I use a device AND manual methods and my growth is good. Can't wait for this to be done.