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  • Frustration and help

    So I have been restoring on and off for the last 3 years. I have recently started again but not sure I am actually seeing much gains.
    I am 36, heathy, active, eat fairly healthy.

    When i I first started I had zero flaccid coverage and now if I retain regularly I get some incidental coverage when sitting.

    i have a large head and that seems to be my rough point. The skin will bunch and bunch but not roll over.

    here is my schedule I was on for a while and as of Monday I am currently back on.

    9am-12pm M-F I wear a TLC-X at med-high tension and all of the available weights(heavy).

    i then retain the rest of the day.

    i bought a TLC air a while back but it does nothing but leak and it doesn't hold tension long enough to matter.

    my job is some sit and some stand. I teach so a device falling off is bad news and I go to great lengths to prevent it.

    can someone help me with suggested regimen? I am a big time grower so I am not sure I will ever reach erect coverage which was my goal. But I go from 3.5" flaccid to 8" erect.

    I am open to try other methods and have spousal support. I am just really ready to hit the home stretch.

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    There's only one thing to say here. You won't like it, but it's the obvious thing to say, and it's THE fundamental principle in tugging; truly, THE principal: don't tug "off and on", if that means weeks or longer in between sessions. Just that simple. You'll never get to your goal if you do, or at least it will seem that way because when you aren't tugging in sessions, nothing is happening beyond your skin's maintenance rate.

    You can try any method or specific schedule you can live with. None of them are magic. Devices aren't magic, specific schedules aren't magic, and tension? Can be short, strong cycles (reasonably "strong"), or somewhere between that and what you consider mild. Or a combination. It all kickstarts the skin's response. Your skin does it all, but you have to stimulate that response on a fairly regular basis.

    So it is endurance, simple daily endurance that gives you what you want; tugging in some way, just about every day, is key. The phrase 'tugging in some way' allows you everything from manual when you can, AND something else, or some things else. It never has to be some big dramatic effort, just steady effort. Just stimulate your skin to respond, at work if you choose, and certainly at home.

    And if you wear a device while working, then fix it to your underwear with a safety pin and string so it won't fall to the floor (if that was your concern).


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      I appreciate the pep talk and understand everything you are saying. I do safety pin, I do all the things you listed... minus not taking breaks.

      what I am really looking for is a group evaluation of my tug time and method and asking for suggestions on things to try. My goal is to tug 4-5 days a week and take 2-3 days off(light manual tug). In the past if I don't take a few days off to rest I get some mild skin breakdown.


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        Yep. Just keep on tugging. I know what you mean about a large head keeping the skin from rolling over. I'm in the same situation. Look at it this way: that same large head, when you DO have enough skin, will HELP to keep you covered. Just keep on tuggin.


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          Good advice so far. And your regimen seems fine. But you need to give us what objectives you have in exploring a new regimen, if that is what you are thinking. What works and what doesn't in your current regimen?

          For example, you mention you go to great lengths to avoid having it fall off and presumable exposed to viewing. Well, my regimen could totally avoid that risk. I tug for 20 minutes, twice a day, 5 days a week. I tug while eating my breakfast and dinner. I am home for both of those meals. That is it, no retaining. I have nothing on while working and going about my day.

          I realize this example is too simplistic, but hopefully it gives you a sense of how one could frame this discussion that might be more helpful.



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            Our restoration game is a very inexact science when it comes to setting a regime and choosing methods. The science of mitosis, however, is a well understood and documented function of the cellular behavior of the skin we are putting under tension. So long as your tugging times and methods are showing results, you are doing it right. Experiment and observe. This is an endeavor that cannot be hurried, so the answer is to be dedicated and consistent. I have completed my restoration after an 11 year duration, I have a blog on this forum which might provide some answers for you especially as I have a glans with a wide flare, much wider than my shaft. I can tell you the outcome is worth all the effort.