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    I am a newbie to the forum and foreskin restoration, only recently discovered that it was even possible to restore the foreskin. Ok not to the 100% original before it was damaged, but at least to a point where it is functional and does most of what it is intended to do. Not that I live under a rock or anything, just life has always been busy and I haven’t been looking until I came across it when looking up something else about six months ago.

    A bit of background, I think my story is most likely very similar to a lot of men who were circumcised. I was born in New Zealand during the time when it was quite common practice to circumcise new born baby boys. My dad was done, so were my uncles and my grandmother was a nurse. Given the information that my parents would have received (everyone trusted the medical profession back then) and all the “signs” telling them that it was “normal” for boys to be done, they didn’t have a hope. So no ill will feeling on my part towards my parents for what happened to me. After all it is just a bit of “extra” skin and he would be better off without it. We all know now that view is completely wrong. New Zealand stopped this practiced in public hospitals in the mid-1980’s and hasn’t looked back since. Although there are still a few being done now-a-days in private hospitals for various reasons, but it does cost a small fortune to get it done. So, most people don’t bother unless for a real medical need as a last resort, in which case it can be done under the public health care. It seems that adherence to cultural and religious practices are not that important to New Zealanders if they must pay for it directly. Cultural practices can and do change over time if people want them to. Cultural is something that is meant to change with the times, it is something that is never set in stone. Just gets used as a justification by people who have a vested interest (whatever that may be) to not change.

    Anyway, I would have been about 10 when I discovered what a foreskin was and that mine had been removed. When every boy / male that I know doesn’t have one, it just seems normal. Of course as you get older you soon discover that there are people who are completely intact and that that is normal. Some of my friends at school were luckily enough to have parents who refused to give their consent despite what the medical professionals told them. Actually when I think about it now, their parents were from countries that didn’t practice routine circumcision. So, it was just a case of ok, some men are circumcised and some are not. Even when this stuff was discussed in the media it was talked about as though it was no big deal and that it didn’t make any difference in terms of being circumcised. I.e. circumcised men experienced the same sensations and sexual satisfaction as intact men do, I didn’t think much about it. That was during the 80’s and 90’s, which just shows how much really wasn’t known back then; either that or nobody really wanted to upset “cut” men if they ever found out the truth. Even though all the “messaging” that was out there about circumcised men and that it was “ok”, it never felt “ok” to me especially since there was no medical reason to have it done in the first place and certainly no religious reason in our family either. It’s hard to describe in words, that haunting felling that something is not quite right, perhaps it is because I didn’t have control over what was happening to me and never fully accepting it but resigning to never being able to be physically what a “normal” human male should be; I don’t know. For me it is quite the revelation to learn about and start on the journey of being able to undo some of the damage that had been done. Very empowering is properly the term that I would use to describe it.

    After reading “The Joy of Uncircumcising” by Jim Bigelow, Ph.D., (very good book and I would recommend it to anyone) and from what I have discovered to date, it is also good to know that I am not alone in this.

    What I have learnt to date certainly has made me very determined to restore. It’s is definitely one of those things that only the individual can do, nobody else can do it for you as you need to take the steps to make it happen and put in the work. Getting and keeping fit would fall into the same category, nobody can do it for you.

    I’ve notice reading on the various posts in this forum that people are willing to share a lot of information about themselves in terms of their restoration, I would just like to say thank you for doing that it certainly has been very helpful. In the same spirit of sharing in that it may help someone else in some way and add to the body of knowledge on restoring, I’ll share what I can about my progress and contribute where I can, etc. To be honest, New Zealanders and me included are a bit reserved when it comes to discussing penis’ and men’s health and sex related issues, but I think I can overcome this for the common good.

    Anyway, at the beginning of my “journey” and starting off with what I would rate as a CI-2. The goal is to get full coverage to something like a CI-9 if I can. I think I may have gotten “lucky” in my circumcision when compared to what I have read on the forum, wasn’t cut really tight and the frenulum appears to be intact although it does have a skin tag at the end on the shaft. Essentially the remnants of the foreskin, which believe it or not is still actually quite sensitive. Hopefully I can incorporate this in the new growth with a bit of manual tugging in the right directions so that it doesn’t end up looking odd.

    I am use to working towards long term goals and I think I can approach this personal project in the same way; generally, as long as I am doing something everyday to progress it then I should be ok in achieving it.

    The TLC-X arrived the other day, so will be working through the various phases of restoration using that. Yes it does fit and I managed to wear it without any problems, grips onto the little bit of skin that I have available and squashes things up a bit. I won’t be impressing anyone with the size of my flaccid penis wearing this device at the moment. Although it might be awhile before I think I can confidently wear it away from home and night time usage. Even just wearing the “Your Skin Cone” for one day is starting to have an effect as I’ve noticed a change in colour in the glans. I wasn’t expecting it to change so quick and if I didn’t know that it is just reverting back to its normal colour I might have panicked a bit.

    Anyway, that’s me for now.

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    Hello Phoenix, and welcome. I guess you are starting your restoration at a much younger age than I did. I did not discover foreskin reconstruction by tugging until I was 58. Like you I was disappointed that I had been circumcised especially as it was unusual in the UK and our family had no religious beliefs in that direction. I was having trouble maintaining a libido as I headed towards 60 and that was the spur that got me started. I consider myself "finished" as far as flaccid coverage is concerned, but I tug (inflation method) for a short while most days to see if I can get coverage while erect – and now age 70 – I am nearly there also. I have a blog on this forum with some information and pictures that may be useful, have a look. I am traveling to New Zealand next week to do some fly fishing for trout. I will be based in Invercargill, but I hear the weather is not good. Best wishes for your restoration, I can assure you it is worth the effort, Woody.


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      Good for you man! Yeah, there is a continuous learning curve throughout this whole deal. Word of advice: take it slow at first, your skin needs to get used to this. generally, 1lb. (give or take a bit) of tension is all that is needed to grow skin. Too much, and your skin goes into repair mode instead of growth mode. Also DON'T WEAR THE DEVICE AT NIGHT! Especially with ANY pusher pressure. When you are about a CI 4 or 5, you may be able to wear it at night with an over the shoulder tugging strap, but NO pusher pressure. Nocturnal erections may cause an injury to your cavernosa (blood chambers).
      I know what you mean about the glans de-keratinizing. The redness seems odd, but that's how its supposed to be. As long as it doesn't hurt (or itch...yeast), you're good.


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        Welcome. Similar background newbie here, too! See my post about my first week


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          Thanks for the reply WoodHoody, enjoy the holiday in New Zealand.


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            Thanks for the advice Parsecskin, I can see how easy it would be to get carried away with the initial enthusiasm at the beginning of restoring and do some damage if one is not careful.