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RCI-3 to RCI-7, My Experiences...

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  • RCI-3 to RCI-7, My Experiences...

    I've been coming back here out of excitement for my progress to offer encouragement to those just beginning or struggling. When I was struggling or even just wondering, this forum was a great resource for me. I'm writing this post to address a few things I recalled reading many posts and threads about.

    First, restoring speed of inner vs outer skin. In my experience, inner skin grows slightly faster. I use manual tugging method 3 almost exclusively. The point I tug from had the tension on almost 50/50 inner/outer when i started. Now it's about 75/25 inner/outer. So I can say with certainty that inner grows faster. So for those without enough skin for method 3, I would focus on pulling downward from the base of the shaft with an erection to grow more skin faster.

    Second, I read a lot about whether or not we get new nerves in the new skin, and I seem to recall the "scientific" concensus being no. Now I have been 100% flaccid covered for over 10 years, at first by retention and in the past year by adequate skin tube length. In the past 8 months, with the most consistent tugging and thus best progress I've seen in my decade plus of on and off tugging, I can confidently say I must be getting new pleasure nerves. The increase in sexual pleasure has mirrored my recent progress and has nothing to do with being covered or not. Several months ago I was on effexor which made my orgasms much more intense than usual. I got off medications and my orgasms went back to normal. Since then, despite not having medications to affect it, my orgasms and overall sexual pleasure have increased to where they were at with that medication before. Moving from RCI-5 to 7, I have experienced a significant increase in overall sexual pleasure. Such that I've been enjoying daily sex for the past couple months and still experiencing increasing pleasure in that period. There is no other explanation for my increased pleasure aside from additional pleasure sensing nerves in my new tissue. So I sincerely believe that starting with any inner skin at all, a restorer can dramatically increase their pleasure.

    Last, tension. I recall reading support for every variation of tension used. In my experience, mixing medium and high tension has given me the best progress. When I have ample time, privacy, and a free hand or two, I apply moderate tension for 30-90 minutes, or until a little sore. When I have a small bit of free time, I'll apply high tension such that I get sore from tugging within a few minutes. Every couple hours I will repeat the few minutes of high tension. If I'm still sore but want to tug, I'll just use moderate tension. I don't take days off if I can avoid it. These methods have been extremely effective for me. I anticipate achieving my goal of RCI-10+ in less than 2 years. I believe with a good diet and consistent tugging, a tugger could go from RCI-0 to RCI-10 in 5 years. Progress speeds up as you gain more skin as well.

    So I hope my experience helps some of you out there. These are my opinions based on my experience and I have no evidence nor proof of my claims. I have no judgement against those who do but I'm not inclined to post pictures of my genitals online. I just wamted to say a tuggers sexual future is bright, just KOT!

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    Sadly, with a 'through and through' surgical destruction of sensory nerves (the scalpel goes through the axon, cutting it in two), or ... sloppy severing of sensory nerves caused by crushing the foreskin, there really isn't a chance that existing nerve ends will "grow back" (see link). We circumcised guys suffered one or the other type of destruction.

    And, just as important for us restorers, skin expansion will never grow new nerve ends. It just doesn't work that way. If you think about it, this would be a revolutionary event in medicine, given all those spinal cord and brain injuries out there. (This is just one reason why Foregen has never, and will never, even mention this issue with their so-called "plans" for so-called "foreskin regeneration").

    But if you cover existing mucosa (the "pleasure" nerves lie under this kind of tissue), they will, without a doubt, increase in sensation. It's a promise, if you have some original mucosa. All of us who've covered and finished know this.

    There are a couple of theories as to why this happens so noticeably. The one I like has been mentioned by research, and it includes the other 98% of the situation, ie your brain. This theory says your brain can more effectively "see" and use the signal sent by your existing nerve endings after your mucosa has been covered for awhile. Uncovered and abraded mucosa causes signal overload (so says the theory), so your brain learns to tune this overload out. And abraded mucosa also develops a covering of dead cells, which may (or may not) cause the brain to see less signal from from the nerves. So if you cover for awhile, this lets the brain see a signal only when stimulation happens, so eventually it relearns to see that signal at full strength. And covering takes constant abrasion out of the picture, allowing any excess dead cells to slough off. All of this results in stronger signal, also know as.....more pleasure.

    As Distalero used to say, it isn't just about one part (nerves), and it even isn't just about two parts (nerves/ brain), it's about the combined package and what that synergy brings to the situation, much of which is not understood completely.

    Nerve injuries and disorders range widely in their complexity, as do the treatments available to lessen pain and restore mobility. Injuries to the peripheral nerve system—nerves in the shoulders, arms […]
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      Relating it to spinal injuries, that makes sense. But I've been covered for over a decade. Perhaps, as you say, my brain is somehow recently gaining new recognition of existing nerves. Regardless, with my recent developments have come a massive increase in sexual pleasure, the likes of which I hadn't experienced before. If the increase from initally covering and retaining was a two fold increase in pleasure, the increase from my comparitively recent progress has been six fold.

      Perhaps the sensation of outer shaft skin remaining relatively immobile as glans and inner skin glide smoothly during sex could account for it, as that is definitely a new sensation upon reaching a definitve RCI-7. I'm done grieving for what was lost and am moving on to what remains to be gained. So maybe I'll never have what I was born with, but I still stand to gain more than I've ever known.

      For readers struggling with grief - which plagued me for nearly a decade - what worked for me was gratitude. I'm grateful my mutilation wasnt worse than it was, that I wasn't emasculated altogether. I'm grateful for discovering restoration. I'm grateful that what I have functions well. I'm grateful for a beautiful and fulfilling wife. I could be intact, but obese and lonely in my parents basement, and I wouldn't prefer that over my present situation. Regardless of where you are at, you can always fight the grief of our injustices with gratitude for our blessings.


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        Your words above are some of the best ever written on a restoration forum. Truly being grateful touches on one aspect of the word "grace", the state of being that all intelligent people hope for and strive for (it's at the root of all the world's great religious practices). My hat's off to you.


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          Post like this give me hope for ultimately achieving a similar level of pleasure to an intact penis simply by growing as much new inner foreskin tissue as possible. I''m talking 3+ times increase from what I started with which is was like 1/3 down my 7" shaft when pulled taught downwards. I want at least as much to be able to cover my entire shaft of my penis when retracted all the way down on top of being dekeratinized and at max sensitivity and getting stimulated in ways that where simply not possible before. One can dream can't he!?! But I regress regardless of what the nerve ending situation is with a restored foreskin the fact that you saw such big increases in pleasure after being covered for a decade and full dekeratinized is very comforting news to hear indeed Foreskin restoration the gift that just won't stop giving it only gets even better even after a decade of being covered up!

          Personally I'm already experiencing some nice further gains in sensitivity and pleasure from further increasing the amount of dekeratinized tissue on my penis. Greatly bumping up tension on my Cat II Q and using it more often during the day with frequent breaks has worked wonders. I do like 5-20 minutes at a time of high-very high tension then take a break say 5-30 minutes before repeating. Try to keep this up as much as possible throughout the day. I felt my progress had slowed down and was questioning if I would actually have at least full flacid coverage by the end of this year. As long as I keep this up I expect to easily reach that goal this year and much sooner then the end of the year. I believe I got way to complacent with the amount of tension I was using on my Cat II Q and how long and often I was tugging not really getting alot of tension relative to how much skin I had compared to when I first started and doing it less often with a tendency to just leaving it there longer at a lower tension when I did.


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            Originally posted by Triceratops View Post
            I'm done grieving for what was lost and am moving on to what remains to be gained.

            Peace finally came your way.


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              I will have to respectfully disagree with kindergartener in regards to what he’s saying about nerve endings. While it’s true that “central nerves” do not regenerate, along with spinal nerves, peripheral nerves do. It is accepted that peripheral nerves regenerate at a rate of approximately 1” per year. Now, there is no guarantee that it will as there are lots of variables to regeneration of these nerves.
              I will use a couple of examples to help explain this.
              if any of you are football fans, you may remember a Dallas Cowboy linebacker who was playing his last college football game when he suffered an ACL injury. This injury tore his ACL and as well, the nerve that runs down along it( I believe it was the popliteal nerve, but don’t hold me to that). He experienced “foot drop” due to the loss of nerve function which causes muscle function. He was treated early and aggressively by some of the best orthopedics in the world, and yet there was no guarantee he would regain function, and especially play football again. Fast forward, he is now one of the best linebackers in the NFL, and no longer suffers foot drop due to the nerve regeneration.
              example 2, and though not quite the same, we perform neurotomies where the nerve sheath is burned through radio frequency in order to treat patients for chronic back pain. These patients sometimes need to come back anywhere between 6-18 months to have this redone due to the sheath regenerating. Regeneration rates are considered based on the patient’s overall health( the healthier, the faster).
              In foreskin regeneration, we aren’t hoping for inches of nerves, more like mm of nerves. I really doubt EMG can reflect that amount of nerve regeneration, but I think it’s widely accepted that those who restore have better sensation, and I don’t think it can all be contributed to the theory of removing thickened skin cells, otherwise, after a month or so of skin cell sloughing would give the most improvement in sensation, and as the first post said, he experienced even more sensation from RCI 5 to 7.


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                The article that Reality referenced actually supports what I said in my post re: nerve regeneration. The article states nerves regenerate at a rate of 1” per month, not one inch per year(correction).


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                  It has remained an unclear situation regarding so-called nerve regeneration. Yes, there is some anecdotal evidence that it can (and has) happened in trauma scenarios. But the kicker for us is, does it happen every time in expanded skin? Skin expansion is NOT TRAUMA. Trying to leap from clinical observation to what we do ALWAYS FAILS. THAT'S where key-board warriors trip themselves up. Nobody studies us. In clinically expanded skin it does NOT happen as a general rule, and those are sure-as-shootin' peripheral neurons and axons. Do I know the results of every clinical case? Of course not. So........I always err on the side of what research and clinical observation has found to be true, so I NEVER try that clueless leap. When some clueless warrior does, it is ALWAYS A RED FLAG that he knows little or nothing about the issues involved.

                  Think of it this way: with all those spinal cord injuries out there, don't you think that Medicine wouldn't jump on some observed treatment if it had a positive outcome? Does Medicine do this in unannounced studies as we speak? I don't know, I only know what I've seen in rehab areas of hospitals, and I'm out of that scene nowadays; and yes, there is so called 'patterning" as a practice, but you don't (and won't) see a bunch of dusty unused wheel chairs stuffed in a corner in the rehab area.

                  We expand skin; that is ALL we do. We appeal to a natural response, ie an accelerated mitotic process as a result of a stimulated cascade of biochemicals caused by tissue deformation. What happens during and after that regarding "nerve regeneration" is a matter of natural physiology, but I can assure you, skin expansion does NOT stimulate an increase in neurons AS A RESULT OF TENSION (assuming this what is being implied by dstep72).


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                      And I should add: Trying to make some wild uneducated leap from an unassociated clinical case to what we do can be easily discredited if you know what you are talking about. The example in this thread is: where do those peripheral neurons live? In the "skin" (whatever that means)? NOPE! They are located in the dermis/hypodermis. So, are they stimulated to "regenerate" (whatever that means) or "grow", by tension? NOPE! Can you get more of them, all hooked up to the CNS, if we tug our skin? NOPE! That isn't how what we do, works.