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  • Hernia Surgery

    Anyone have experience with or thoughts on tugging after inguinal hernia surgery? I have to do that in about 3 weeks - I know I'll have to take a break, but how long?

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    I had a hernia repair long before I started restoring. You'll probably want to wait a couple of months. It will be tender. Don't be alarmed about the multiple colors your dick will turn from bruising. Keep everything iced for a couple days (major shrinkage, lol). When the bruising is gone you may be able to do some manual #2, but definitely NO device tugging for a while. You don't want to tear the repair. They patch the hole wiith mesh and your scar tissue grows into the mesh resulting in a permanent repair that is way stronger than the original design. I actually watched my operation in a mirror above the operating table. I was all doped up (but conscious) on anesthesia and they used a local. The OR had a killer sound system and my choice was Pink Floyd.