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    I want to restore my foreskin but I don't know how to begin. Can anyone suggestthe most effective method in my situation? I have added some pictures of how I was circumcised. I talked to my doctor about it but he has no experience with non surgical restoring, he only said that surgical method are esthetically not adviseable. Thanks in advance!

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    There is no best method. All work. The key is doing it regularly. Here is a beginners guide:

    Just choose the method that appeals to you and get started. Read the various parts of this forum to get ideas. Start slow and gently, to get used to it. The key for me has been getting the optimal amount of tension. That will take some experience and experimentation.

    If, after reading about various metghods, you can give us some idea of what is important, such as "being ready for spontaneous sex" or "prefer not to mess with anything while at work", we can offer more detailed advice.



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      I think that most of us here would agree with your doctor about the esthetics of surgical "restoration", so good on him for making that observation.

      Greg has given you a great start; all you need. The only observation I can add involves the larger view (which is my thing) and point out to you that, ultimately, restoring simply involves tugging on shaft skin (and maybe a bit of mucosa). Just tugging, and that's it. You do the tugging, and your skin does all the rest of the growing process. It knows what to do.

      So If you think about that, you don't have the stress and responsibility of constant, micro-managing control. Everybody who begins this process freaks out, and thinks that they can make big and/or ongoing mistakes in restoration if they don't constantly focus, but really, you can't make any, other than using tension that's too strong, and tearing skin. Believe me, not many have done that because it hurts way before that happens.

      Not having that responsibility is good news. So, just start tugging, and with the years that this whole thing takes, you will find that you will get what you want, and more. There are gifts along the way, and an overall gift that you have to experience, to know that it exists.


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        Hey Jones123, you have come to the right place. I see from your profile that you were cut as an adult. We have something in common as I was cut as an adult too. Had I known then what I know now I would never have had it done. The difference is drastic, isn't it?
        How you start is largely dependant upon how tight you were cut. How far can you pull the skin forward when soft? How about when erect? This is called Forced Erect Coverage or FEC for short. If you can cover your head completely or perhaps a little more when soft you can go right into a dual tension device. From the looks of things it looks like you need to grow some inner skin as well as outer and a dual tension device will do that.
        if you want to talk about things PM me any time. I know exactly what you're going through.