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How hard should you tug? (Manual method 3)

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  • How hard should you tug? (Manual method 3)

    Lately iv leaned heavily towards manual 3 and am confused about how much tension is healthy with it. I usually go till i get a slight burning and redness. But now when i do it, it last so long that i often can only tug once a day. Just wanna know what everyone else feels about how hard and how long to tug with this method.

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    With any method of tugging you should go to the elastic limit of your skin plus a little more. If you can only tug once a day, you're using too much tension.


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      Well, not from the absolute start of my day to end, but still quite afew hours. But i do stop asoon as i feel any soreness.


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        What do you want to achieve? More skin, right? I suggest you try a little less tension than that which makes you that sore. But more importantly, see if that lesser tension gives you the results you want in terms of growing skin, the thing you really care about.

        The thing is that tension seems to be the key, at least for me, but the only way to get past the ambiguous words used is to experiment so that you know what level of tension works best for you.



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          Try to tug for no longer than 2 minutes per session, and with just enough tension to get your skin feeling warm, but not to the point of making it feel burning. The "burn" should not last more that 20 minutes. Past that, you tugged way too hard, so you have to adjust it on your next round. Regardless, mild soreness at the end of the day is normal, and it will be your constant companion until you are done restoring. It is better to tug in short sessions many times a day.


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            I think you've been given good advice so far, and keep in mind that tension is only a kick-starter. It doesn't do anything else by itself. So you only need enough tension for your tissues to see it, and respond. How much is that specifically? Nobody here knows. Anyone who puts a specific number to it doesn't understand the situation.

            We guess. But that turns out to be not such a bad thing. Allows us to relax when we begin to understand that we have a little leeway in the practice. Remember: tugging/restoration is an Art, not a Science. Numbers (assuming they were in the back of your mind) really don't count. But being relaxed about it, so we can go on tugging for all the time it takes, is everything.
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