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Question about scar tissue?

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  • Question about scar tissue?

    Hey guys. I'm so glad to have found this website. I'm looking forward to getting some good information here and maybe sharing some as well. I did have a question. I've been restoring for about 2 years now (off and on...not religiously). I use the DTR device as I find it much more comfortable than others I have used. I stretch tightly, but not to the point of pain. However, I have noticed a thin line of what looks like a stretch mark or small area of scar tissue along the top of my penis. It isn't painful and doesn't bother me, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Will it go away eventually? My greatest concern is that it will slow down the growth process. Any suggestions or info would be helpful.

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    Is it possible that it is simply callus or thickened skin as a result of the device? Scar tissue would suggest some type of cut or trauma which probably isn't happening if you don't tug really forcefully. Try moisturizer overnight when you sleep. Skin usually recovers once the tugger is off a while. Tugging is a mild form of sustained abuse so abrasion is expected on some level. Maybe try manual for a while until you have more loose skin. You are the only arbiter of what is too much. Slow and steady, brother.


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      Thanks so much. Good advice. That may be all that it is. It has been there for several months, though. Again, no pain, no discomfort at all, even when I'm hard. I notice that I can feel it in my hand when I masturbate, but it doesn't bother me. I just hope I haven't slowed or stopped the progress of regrowth.