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  • laser hair removal

    Anyone ever have it done?

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    I had some discoloration around a facial scar (compliments of my time in the US Army) laser zapped couple years ago. Plastic surgeon asked me if I wanted my beard hair in the area, said hell yeah, leave it alone. So: same follicle-killing intensity from the laser. He put a cooling gel (first hint that it would be uncomfortable) on the area, then proceeded to work on that area. Felt like he was snapping a rubber band on my skin, with each laser pulse. Not a light rubber band, a larger rubber band (in case you don't tolerate pain easily).

    The targeted skin discoloration was at the same level beneath the skin as hair follicles, so I'm assuming the same discomfort but on a more delicate area, with maybe an added weenie-shrinking psychological factor, not to mention the out-of-pocket cost. Wasn't cheap. I'd suggest just plucking them, good soap and water hygiene afterwards. Less discomfort. Do it enough times and there's a good chance the hair follicle will die. Cost involves a decent pair of tweezers. And you can do it when you want to. Just keep it all clean; in between sessions as well.


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      I've been wondering the same thing. I keep my balls and shaft shaved in the shower (using conditioner...very slick...doesn't sting), and it works just fine, but when I shave the area above my penis I get really bad bumpy rash. I've tried a lot of different things but have finally just resigned myself to trimming with and electric trimmer. I'd love to have it perfectly smooth, but haven't found anything that works for me yet.