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    Question for those of you that have been tugging for awhile. As the skin "grows"...does it eventually "thin out"? I have definite rollover when seated, and my corona is covered fairly well when standing. The "new"skin that I've developed is thicker than an intact penis. I'm happy with my progress (having restarted tugging after a several year break), but wonder if the skin will thin?

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    Originally posted by TRG View Post
    Question for those of you that have been tugging for awhile. As the skin "grows"...does it eventually "thin out"? I have definite rollover when seated, and my corona is covered fairly well when standing. The "new"skin that I've developed is thicker than an intact penis. I'm happy with my progress (having restarted tugging after a several year break), but wonder if the skin will thin?
    Congratulations on your progress so far! Since you are seeing progress, you know you must be doing something right.

    Yes, the new thicker foreskin tissue does eventually slim down, but only after you reach your goal and cease tugging in the long term.

    Tugging induces swelling and edema - signs of inflammation - in the tissue. This makes every restorer fear that he is going to end up with an unattractive floppy foreskin. But believe me, it doesn’t happen. It always slims sown in the end once you cease tugging long term.

    Another phenomenon that strikes fear into just about every restorer’s heart at some time during the course of his restoration is that, after you stop tugging, the swelling actually goes up for a period of days or weeks (For me, it was 5 days.) before it goes down. So a restorer who only takes short vacations of a period of days from tugging becomes convinced that he will end up with a floppy foreskin because he only sees the swelling and edema go up when he takes his device off.

    It often takes a full year for the expanded tissue to normalize and slim down to 95% of your final result. The wonderful thing about this though, is you are seeing slow but constant progress in the form of a normalization while you are doing absolutely nothing!

    Swelling and edema are enemies of tissue expansion. One simple way to deal with the swelling problem is to massage your foreskin whenever you take a hot bath. However, this only gives very temporary relief.

    I think that retention when not tugging may also help keep the accumulation of edema in tissue down.

    The correct vibes help bring down tissue inflammation in a big way:
    We know from the scientific literature, that cells experimentally subjected to cyclic stretching synthesize and release growth factors and anti-inflammatory mediators into the growth medium they are in. These growth factors and anti-inflammatory mediators then act upon the cells that originally synthesized and released them (autocirne stimulation), as well as acting upon neighboring cells. The frequency of the cyclic stretch doesn’t seem to matter much. Everything from very high frequency vibrations to cycles taking seconds seems to work. This has led to attempts find or develop a practical mechanical cyclic stretching device that can worn by restoring men. We are still waiting for a successful invention though.

    Some early (1990s) online restorers, who tugged down the leg with elastic, noticed that the elastic vibrated a bit with each stride they took when they walked, and that these vibrations seemed to promote restoration progress. Another 1990s restorer kept careful measurements of his progress, and graphed it. He noticed that his progress picked up every time he replaced old distressed elastic with new resilient elastic. In the early 2000s, I became an advocate of using rubber band inserts in your tugging train. Once you find out which kind of rubber band works for you, you can buy them in bulk and replace them every fews days so you are always tugging with fresh resilient rubber. I attribute my own rapid progress, in part, to the vibes so generated.

    World As Monkey Island

    I declared myself finished restoring with 3/4 erect coverage (CI-8.5) in 2005. I primarily used T-tape, strapping up and around my waist.
    I've participated in NORM meetings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle (RECAP), and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    Every doubt, reservation, or concern I had about my restoration was resolved by achieving additional foreskin LENGTH.....So just KOT !


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      I don't get any swelling at all from this. Just how hard are you guys tugging?


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        Hey Info, how long did it take you to restore and where did you start from? What methods/devices did you use? I wonder if skin thickness has a bearing on time? My skin is thin as well. Probably due to my Northern European lineage (blonde hair blue eyes - Aryan? Lol.) .


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          Hey TRG - When you say "The "new"skin that I've developed is thicker than an intact penis" - you have to understand that there isn't just one intact penis. There are almost as many variations as there are men. Some intact men have VERY thick skin, and even without having seen yours, I can almost guarantee some of them are even "thicker" than yours is right now. The idea that all intact ones have "thin" skin is completely wrong. A visit to a site where "regular" people post pictures of themselves (versus a porn site) will make this clear.

          In fact, in all the years I've been learning about "restoration" and seeing "progress pics", I can tell you I have never seen anything on a restored penis that I haven't seen on an intact one. "Thick skin", "wide opening", pronounced dark (sometimes "rough") line where the two layers meet, "no frenulum"....and so on.

          Info - I might have misunderstood what you were saying, but the outer and inner skin on an intact penis aren't "fused" into a "single layer". They're two separate layers, exactly (identically) like on a non-intact penis. When an intact man has an erection, if the skin pulls back (whether they do it on purpose or because it's not long or tight enough to stay covering the glans by itself, which is very [possibly most] common - and assuming the skin actually even "covers" the head when they're flaccid, which is not always the case), they have exactly the same "setup" as a non-intact guy - two totally separate layers of skin ("inner" and "outer") on the shaft. And the spot where the two layers meet can end up in different places on the shaft, sometimes going really far back toward the abdomen. (It doesn't always "bunch up" right under the glans.) The only difference is, on an intact guy, the spot where the two layers meet is "natural" rather than "man-made". The skin on the glans of an intact penis is a folded-over "double-layer" tube, exactly like it is on a restored penis, and it's just as "temporary" as it is for a restored guy.


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            I see what you're getting at Info, but in most cases the scar spreads out and fades away creating a "transition zone". It's not quite the same as OEM, but at least that scar does vanish. Mine is almost completely invisible now.


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              Originally posted by Info

              Yeah, like I said, it's a fine point. I just like putting as much detail, ie truth, to what we lost, and what we have in front of us when we start climbing that hill. I like to remember that that natural transition is an area of the densest pleasure neurons, when a scar line, faded or not, isn't.

              Jeeze, I coulda phrased that way, in 2 sentences. LOL
              You remember? At what age were you cut?


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                You're lucky you don't remember. It's pure hell.


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                  I have experienced a great deal of this thickening myself. While some of it is probably inflammation and the skin will still probably thin somewhat, my skin is still very very very thick. A doctor noted my skin is abnormally thick, and I really hope it does not become a problem that negatively affects my sex life.

                  I am not even done restoring, so my skin could thicken further. I am worried that my abnormal thickness is some deformity that could be a problem. What do you guys think?