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  • Just beginning, few questions

    Hey guys,

    ​​​​​​I am a 34 year old man from the UK. Cut at around 4 years old due to phimosis issue, that I now know need never have been done,

    So after years of hating my cut dick, being jealous of other guys intact cocks and wishing i had my own intact cock. I have decided to take the plunge and restore my own. My aim is to be fully covered in 6 years time for my 40th birthday.

    I'm around a CI2/3 I think. And been manually tugging now for about a month.

    Just got a couple of questions.

    How long should I be doing the tugging? At the moment I'm doing about 20 mins, in around 5 min sessions, altogether on my days at work. And around 40 mins in 10 min sessions, altogether on days off. Is this enough.
    I've read on here I should be doing around 1.5 - 2 hours a day. Simply do not have that time.

    Do I have to be erect while tugging? Have read on here it doesn't work when flaccid but sometimes keeping it up can be an issue if I'm doing it while watching g tele..

    Is my goal achievable. If not what do I need to change to achieve it.

    Do I need to tug day in day out? Sometimes, circumstances mean I have had to miss the odd day.

    And my final biggest question.... Is it worth it in the end?

    Any help or advise would be welcome,and thanks for welcoming another newbie to the ranks

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    1. Time will tell if your current tugging schedule is working. That's the only way to actually tell: wait and see. Nobody likes to hear that, but it's true. As long as you are tugging in cycles (tugging for a bit, releasing tension for a bit, which you can't help but do with any method out there), it should work, but be aware that there can be variables involved. Experiment if you become bored. We do this thing in the (metaphorical) dark, and no one can tell you what is specifically best for you. But just go on tugging. Eventually you will see very small wrinkles in your shaft skin. That's the first indication that things are progressing. Fatter and fatter wrinkles, as time goes by, mean you are continuing to progress. It will be the small indicators which are cause for celebration. To quote an old forum member, "this thing happens in the rear view mirror". In other words, no large and dramatic changes on a particular day, but steadily gained ground when you compare today with months/years ago. You'll see what I mean.

    2. You are right to ask questions and weigh the answers, rather than just go by what you read on restoration forums. This particular forum isn't too bad in terms of bad information and outright magical thinking (from guys who have never tugged in their life, apparently), but it does exist here, and exists quite a bit on most forums. The internet is rife with chatter, inexperience, ignorance, myth and agenda. Some agenda is well meaning, some of it isn't.

    3. No, you do not have to be erect to apply effective tension on your tissues. In fact, tugging on a flaccid penis is by far the most common way (virtually everyone does this) to apply effective tension.

    4. Expanding shaft skin, and perhaps a bit of mucosa as well, just takes repeated applications of tension (ex., moderate to somewhat higher tension, as a general suggestion) so ... your goal is absolutely achievable (barring any conditions/diseases which may cause problems). When I and others here say "just tug", that's exactly what we mean. Missing a day here and there isn't a problem, because this whole process takes year after year after year. It's a slow process. In fact, it's usually suggested that you take a day off now and again just for so-called "downtime" because it's thought that this allows your skin to "rest". There isn't and scientific proof for this. If you miss one or several days, nothing untoward will happen. More than any particular schedule, or some specific method or device, endurance is the key to eventually succeeding.

    5. Everyone who's actually tugged to the completion of their goal has been pleased; more than pleased. You don't read a lot of testimony in that regard because there are always more guys who are in the earlier stages of restoration, and a few aren't really tugging at all. I was more than pleased. Yes, it's worth it, worth much more than a new person knows. Will it be what you had originally? No, but it will bring its own rewards; 'rewards' in the plural.
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      Welcome! I can add a bit to what Info said.

      There is no minimum time that is known. As a manual tugger, you will be using short periods of tension. Total time is irrelevant, it is the time under tension that triggers growth, and that does not need to be very long. While I am not doing manual, I only do 20 minutes, twice a day, 5 days a week. Typically I tug while I eat breakfast and dinner. And, I am making the best progress of my tugging "career", better than when I tugged for far longer time periods. So you should be fine with the regimen you are on.

      Far more important then the amount of time under tension, based on what I have read and experienced, is the amount of tension. Unfortunately, words are ambiguous and there are no reliable standardized ways to measure, so it is a matter of experimenting. And, based on reports form men on boards like this, it is highly variable, or the data is poorly controlled, so recommendations tend to be across the board. I can offer my feelings as a starting point, but most manual tuggers seem to get it right easily, perhaps because the are aware and can pay attention more effectively with the shorter time periods. The level of tension that gives me the best progress is at what feels like the elastic limit of my skin. If I were to pull harder, I feel like I would risk injury, yet tat the level I use, I can forget I have anything on. It is a bit uncomfortable when first applied, but after a few moments, not at all uncomfortable.

      As a manual tugger, there is no need to be erect, except of some variations of manual tugging, and then only to make it easier to apply tension for that specific technique. Other variations of manual are easier applied to flaccid penises. The caution to be erect that I am aware of was for t-taping. In that case, tape encircled the penis, and the worry was that if you put that band of tape around your flaccid penis, and then had an erection, you could constrict the blood flow and get injured.

      6 years is a reasonable, but there is no way to predict how well you will grow skin. too many unknown variables, so you will just have to wait and see if you actually make that, it could be longer. But, even if you do not make it, I have high confidence that you will reap enough benefits that you won't be too disappointed.

      Rest days a re fine, no one knows what effect rest days have. some say they are good, some say they slow down progress, but it is mostly anecdotal information without any controls. I generally take all weekends, holidays, trips out of town, and field work days off. Doesn't bother me, I look at it as a good chance to use my new equipment. Of course, the more days you take off, the fewer days you apply tension, so in theory it could slow you down some.

      It is absolutely worth it. Sexual feeling and function for both me an my wife are so much better that it is hard to describe, words cannot really capture the change. The best I can do is say things like "now I have whole body orgasms that are like listening to a full orchestra, whereas before, it was like a single instrument. Or my wife needed multiple applications of lube, now none and she has much better feelings as well.



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        Cheers guys

        You've both been a great nelp ,

        I feel a lot more confident going forward.