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  • The inner foreskin

    I just remembered that the skin you have from your glans to your circumcision scar accounts for the majority of what was your inner foreskin. This means that the inside of a restored foreskin was salvaged from the original, and thereby should work just as well. The outer skin of a genuine foreskin is the exact same kind of skin as the remaining shaft skin on a circumcised penis. This means that a restored foreskin is just the same as an orignal foreskin- the frenulum and the riggidband, however, are perminately lost.

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    No, a restored foreskin is not quite the same as your original one. For starters, the end of your original has a built in natural taper that contains more dartos than the rest of your outer skin. If you were to take a cleanly excised foreskin and unfold it and lay it flat you will see that it is hour glass shaped. This is called the preputial sphincter. This is the primary mechanism that keeps a natural foreskin in place. Some guys opt for a v-plasty to recreate this after they have grown enough skin, although it's not really needed. One round of cutting on your dick was enough for a lifetime, several actually.
    The tapered part of an original inner foreskin contains the most awesome feeling nerves of your entire dick. There are stretch receptors there found nowhere else on the body. Those are gone for good. However, a restored foreskin is worlds better than not having one, so keep on tugging!


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      I think this post is a good illustration of how the ambiguity of words makes discussing this difficult, smile. I would not state this the way you did. I would argue that the skin between your scar and glans is ALL you have left. That means your restored foreskin will, if you restore to grow enough inner skin to have inner on the inside and outer on the outside when flaccid and covered without tension, be the best approximation of what you might have had as you can achieve.

      And, while you can expand the outer that is left, it will also only be a close approximation, but will never be the SAME, since we are missing the specialized parts such as the frenulum and rigged band, not to mention the nerve endings that once were concentrated at the junction of the inner and outer. While it will never be the same, it will be a whole lot better than what a circumcised man is left with.

      While you say that they are lost, you also seem to be separating them in the way you have worded what came previously. But my understanding of anatomy is that they are continuous, and hard to separate, so it is better to describe them as part of the original outer skin and inner mucosa. Not to mention that the junction between the two types of tissue is not a scar, rather than the complex junction that was there. A good analogy is our lips, which are another example of a junction between the skin and mucosa. Imagine cutting off a persons lips, then suggesting that the remaining tissue, if expanded to have its edge at the same place, would be the same as the original. I think a lot of people would argue that characterization.

      Sorry if I am being pedantic, but these details often come up and are misunderstood, in part because of this linguistic ambiguity. I do agree with what I think may be your overall point, that restoring is a great thing to do and will give you results that will knock your socks off in better sexual feelings and function, for both you and your partner. Not to mention that the appearance will be so close to intact that it will fool a doctor examining you.

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        I would add two points:

        1. Any old inner mucosa, from the scar line to the tip of the glans, will always be under the expanded shaft skin. The reason is: the shaft skin you begin with and expand stops at (and is anchored to) the scar line, so when your shaft skin folds over to make the temporary tube, it covers the mucosa from scar to glans-tip. I'm not sure that's always understood, based on the "strategies" to "make this happen" which I've read on restoration forums. No need to strategize, it will always happen this way, so there isn't anything you have to do to make it happen.

        Things get more confusing when you tug for more mucosa, but the scar will stay under the tube (it becomes the temporary underside of the tube) as long as you keep the amount of the two tissues balanced. I don't remember anyone who's even said they've done this, though.

        2. And there's also no need to apologize to at least one of us for being pedantic. It's Info's raison d'etre.


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          Well, info I will disagree a bit. You seem to be making the assumption that few, if any restorers grow inner mucosa. Rather, they grow outer skin, so that upon reaching their goal of say complete coverage, they still have the same amount, roughly of inner mucosa, with outer skin folded under itself to make up the difference. If I understood you, of course.

          While I have no doubt that that may be true for some, perhaps many, I myself and at least a few others have grown enough inner mucosa to have mucosa on the inside and outer on the outside, with the scar, more or less, at the leading edge. While I still have a little to go, and must therefore wait to see if I actually achieved that precisely, it is close enough that I have to disagree with the exact wording you used, which does not seem to recognize this variation.



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            You're right, I am making the assumption that most finished guys grew more shaft skin, and didn't put as much focus on mucosa. My second assumption is that this is because of the time it takes to grow shaft skin, let alone grow so much additional mucosa. But that isn't to say that some guys, and you of course, haven't put more time into it, and benefited by growing more "lining" (as it were). So I would say to you, and to them, kudos.

            Out of the possible variations in tugging results and different goals, it's the most ideal from the standpoint of a balance of tissues. I suppose when more guys using inner pusher-type devices realize their goal (and assuming a pusher actually has the expected effect), a truer balance might be the general goal, if it isn't already.

            My point was that when I read some of those posts on the old forum, it seemed that they expressed the concern that the old inner foreskin would somehow stay partially outside of the skin tube. I'm not sure how that idea got started (maybe a misunderstanding?), but as we both know it's impossible for that to happen if you tug for just shaft skin, and accept the small amount of mucosa that also happens, without any particular focus on that tissue.

            Sometimes my posts address an issue that starts out already pretty esoteric, and/or it's one mostly nobody remembers, haha. But this thread gives a chance to get it out there, for the tourists.