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Will restored foreskin remained covered over glans

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  • Will restored foreskin remained covered over glans


    I was cut at a ci-2 and have been restoring for the past 3 months. I have noticed some gradual process, but I wonder if the new foreskin will eventually remain covered over the glans or will it retract everytime? I lost the rigid band and most of my frenulum.


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    Yes, it will stay in place when you have grown enough skin. The dartos muscle in your outer skin will contract due to cooler temperatures and your inner mucosa will get slightly tacky and that will help too. Some guys opt for a v-plasty when they're done to add a little taper, but it's really not needed.


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      Yes. Just grow more skin. A lot more. Remember, you had about half your skin amputated. Take a moment and visualize twice as much skin as you now have. That is what you need, or something approaching that. Keep on tugging.



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        And once you're down the road a few years, you will experience what parsec and greg are talking about in an intermediate stage. So that's good news. There will be times when your skin tube stays forward for a period of time, on it's own (dartos muscle and stickiness), and as skin grows and time passes, it will stay forward for longer and longer periods of time. We arrive at all the aspects of restoration (a skin tube, a stable skin tube, increased sensation, more functional tissue) little by little. You only have to hang in, and tug.


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          I'll add that the smooth muscle (dartos) in the shaft skin is the same as that of the scrotum skin, and is what gives the foreskin its elasticity and allows it to snap back. The inner lining of the natural foreskin is mucosa that lacks this smooth muscle, and just stays in place as the shaft skin moves over it. If you've got any inner foreskin remaining, and can grow back enough to cover the glans completely, that might help keep the skin from retracting by itself as you get farther along in restoration.