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    I am new to restoration but am absolutely serious about seeing it through. I was cut as a baby and as a teenager, even then seeing the scar made know beyond a doubt something was wrong. I hated it. Now that I realize that restoring is absolutely possible I'm stoked. I started about a month ago with some methods I researched online, tugging and taping, and was suprised when I actually noticed, feel and see, the skin start to loosen. I also immediately started to keep the glans covered and moist. Well again was suprised and excited when even that started to change. The Corona is definitely softer and the more purplish color I've seen and read about. The underside is following suit and that alone has made a HUGE difference in me and my wifes sex life.
    I started with tugging, and quickly moved to the "canister" method, which worked suprisingly well. I have now bought a Cat II and am excited to see how that goes.
    . I do have some questions though.
    I have heard a lot about the Ci restoration index and have no idea what that is.
    . Also, also read about where the scar is located on the shaft and what it means for retoration. Could someone please explain that.
    . Thanks

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    The CI "index" is just an arbitrary scale which measures how much you are covered, ie covered sulcus, covered glans, some sort of distance past the glans tip, etc. I'll let somebody else give you more detail because ... it's arbitrary and I don't think it means a lot, and it definitely isn't necessary for tugging. The bottom line is you've either reached you goal, or you are still on the way towards you goal. But guys want some kind of control in this process, even if it's just throwing around concepts, and want to say something that sounds important. It isn't important. You still have to put cycles of tension on your tissues to get what you want. That, and endurance, is where the work lies.

    I don't know what you've heard about the scar line, so it's difficult to answer you. Your scar is located where it's located, and that's about it. If it's down your shaft (towards your belly), then you were left with more old inner foreskin than a lot of other guys. Old inner foreskin is the tissue which returns to high level sensation, and some moisture. So that's good news. Some guys want this tissue to "line" the temporary skin tube, which would mean you would have to focus more on shaft skin, but that's probably what most guys do anyhow. A few guys want the scar to end up at the tip of the temporary skin tube. But that doesn't mean anything. If nothing else, it makes the constriction of the little muscle fibers in your shaft skin less noticeable, and might give you less "taper", which is what those muscle fibers do. Otherwise, the scar is just a scar. It fades eventually, unless it's a gnarly/crusty scar, and even then it will decrease in size with enough tugging. Your scar really doesn't have much input in tugging either; overall, kind of a non issue, whether it's even, or uneven. You work with what you have.

    Maybe if you can be more specific, we can answer.


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      The CI indexes most people refer to are these:

      Real Coverage Index by kong1971 for men to judge foreskin penis size from a tight circumcision to loosely circumcised to foreskin overhang anteater. Originally on, the RCI is a replacement for the Foreskin Coverage Index.

      I never found them particularly useful. I always seem to be in-between categories. They are most useful when comparing notes with others, I think.

      Regarding the scar, the typical issue for many is how it looks. Many choose to grow skin so that the result is having the scar inside the opening of the restored foreskin, or skin tube, when flaccid. Others, like myself, want the scar at the leading edge, or opening, so tug at the scar line, so that the inner skin is on the inside and the outer on the outside when flaccid. Further, my scar (and many others report the same) has become so difficult to see, that I am not worried about it being seen anyway.

      Hope that helps, if not, ask more specific questions.



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        Thanks for the info. I read somewhere the scare just meant I had more of the original "inner" skin left. I guess that's good news. My scar line I about 1 full inch from the Corona.


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          Originally posted by Goin 4 full restore View Post
          Thanks for the info. I read somewhere the scare just meant I had more of the original "inner" skin left. I guess that's good news. My scar line I about 1 full inch from the Corona.
          Yes, that means you have more inner mucosal left than many other men, so that is a good thing. I, for example, was left with only 1/4 inch, more or less. You will need to grow less inner skin than I needed to, depending upon your goals.



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            If you don't mind me asking, why were you cut as a baby and as a teenager?


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              Sorry about that, should have been a comma there.


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                Ok :-)