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Proper use- Question regarding small injury

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  • Proper use- Question regarding small injury

    Hi everyone!

    I have been using the TLC tugger for a few days and noticed that I have a small cut underneath the frenulum. Whenever I use the tugger I tend to get very moist, and I wonder if the added moisture, in combination with the friction, makes it easier for a cut to form. Am I inserting the cover too far into the skin at the start? Has this happened to anyone else in the past?


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    Are you using the standard one or the X model? The X model has a notch in the pusher to accomodate the frenulum. The standard tugger does not, but one can be sanded into it with a dremel tool. Sounds like you've got a standard tugger. How much slack do you have?


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      If this is the standard TLC, you might just be pressing the body of the tugger into your glans a little too much so to create pressure on the frenulum. Did you order the frenulum relief groove option? You can probably create that modification for yourself with a little patience:

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        I'm using the standard model. I do admit that I tend to push in the cone all the way inside to get as much skin as possible on top. This groove looks like the exact solution I need.

        I see the price is 4.00 dollars for the grooved model. Do you all recommend the TLC-X as a better alternative with the groove? I am a student and am running around all day so the tugging at times was a bit uncomfortable. Does the X model help limit that?

        Thanks again!


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          The $4 is to add a groove when you order a TLC Tugger. You might want to contact Ron directly to see what he can do to help you get a relief groove on the one you have.

          On the TLC Tugger, there's no real benefit to having more skin than necessary under the retention cone - that's just skin that's not really being stretched.
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            If you have enough skin, the TLC X is the way to go. You may be able to send the standard model back to Ron in exchange for credit towards an X model. They do have a {3 month refund} policy. Even if you are cut tight, you can initially use the X model without the pusher.


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              Thanks for the suggestion. I think I will do that!