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  • Glans sensitivity

    Hey guys, I'm using the DTR as well as the basic TLC tugger. I feel like the DTR focuses more tension closest to the suculus right below the coronal ridge. Forgive me if my terminology is wrong. I like the idea of this area of focus because I assume it will grow more inner skin which is what I need. I've noticed that my inner skin has increased by about an inch. I was cut pretty low. I like seeing the new inner skin but my glans becomes hypersensitive after using the DTR for several hours. It effects my sex life a bit. It doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortably sensitive. When I use the basic tugger for awhile, I don't get this side effect. There is no pressure on the glans with the tugger. My question is, will I still grow the inner skin that I'm watching travel nicely up my shaft recently, using only the basic tugger and either eliminating the DTR or reducing it's usage. I can live without the glans hypersensitivity that I'm assuming all bi directional devices cause.
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    I'm an experienced bodybuilder and the bodybuilding world is crowded with so many gimmicks and opinions. People are moving and trying but the basics are what are missing most. People want to jump into exotic complicated movements and machines with the expectation of speedy progress. And it doesn't happen... Basic movements and hard work and patience and consistentcy are what produce results over time.I think my philosophy of sticking to basics translates well here too. Maybe I've answered my own question. For my comfort and continuation of a regular sex life; maybe the basic TLC tugger with some intense manual is a better fit for me. It's basic, it's not exotic or complicated... and my glans don't get hypersensitive...Hmmmmm.... Thanks guys


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      Ha! This was good to read. What you've done is use a skill that all restorers will need to have sooner or later: the ability to analyze things for yourself, based on knowing your own body's response.

      I would imagine this is a carry-over from body building, where you need to do the same thing. So congrats. I'll echo a guy from the old forum by saying: the first thing restored is the ability to stand on your own two feet.

      And more generally: asking questions is fine. There are guys here who know something about much of tugging. Sifting through the replies you receive is necessary. And making a decision and moving forward is even better, especially if it's based on your own experience and observations.
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        The DTR, TLC, and manual methods will all tug on the inner foreskin. The only real difference is in how the skin is held in place. If one is uncomfortable, just use another.

        Having a DTR pusher plate in constant contact with your glans might be what's making it so sensitive. Friction against the plate might be causing more dekeratinization of the mucosa underneath it than elsewhere on the glans. I think I've noticed this with my CAT II Q - the part of my glans that's not underneath the plate doesn't seem to have improved as much in terms of texture.


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          I use 3 devices: a home-made weight system, an inflation system (also home-made) and a CAT II Q. There are no issues of glans irritation from weights or inflation as there is not any direct contact. For the CAT I have purchased the flexible deep pusher which is way more comfortable than the hard flat pusher plate. I rotate these methods according to what best suits the activities I am engaged in – it is no good wearing weights if you are sitting down.