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Is Restoration really necessary?

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  • Is Restoration really necessary?

    I am 52 this year and contemplating restoration. Is it possible to restore enough sensitivity with protecting the glans (silicone, etc) without having to restore the foreskin? What benefits does restoring the foreskin provide that wearing a protective device does not?

    Thank you

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    No, for sensitivity it isn't necessary to expand your skin. You only need to cover any mucosa you have. There are several ways to cover, and over time some increase in sensation will happen. But just to be clear, it won't be your glans sensitivity that increases much (or at all), it will be your corona, and any old inner foreskin that you have left.

    Having said that, obviously you won't experience the sensation of expanded skin telescoping when you thrust, if you don't have any expanded skin. But this whole thing is a choice, and barring something like ED due to no sensation at all, you can live a life with not having restored.
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      Actually, the owner of this site sells silicone devices to hold the skin over the glans and do exactly what you describe: (includes pictures of the device in use)

      You could do the same with medical tape or various restoration devices. As you might imagine, one benefit of restoring would be to grow enough skin to be left permanently in place over the glans, without the need for such a device.


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        Thank you both for the great information. Very much appreciated! Regards.


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          I will add that the increased sensitivity for me, has been a minor advantage. Nothing to write home about. It has been the moving skin that has made the biggest difference, taking me from tension releasing climaxes to whole body orgasms. Not to mention making all stages of arousal delicious. Or making intercourse a whole lot netter for my wife. Or giving her the ability to give me a hand job. Or making reaching climax as easy as falling off a log.

          I would answer your original question by saying it depends upon what you want. If you are not interested in a few minutes a day of tugging, to achieve potentially dramatic improvements, then simply retaining to increase sensitivity is a good choice. But you will have to mess around with retaining, of course.

          If you want to see how much better sex can feel, including masturbation, then you are better off restoring, as you will get both advantages, and growing skin takes a long time. But, when you are done, there will be nothing more to do. And, you will get benefits along the way, as you gain skin and sensitivity.

          Of course, you can retain only first, then decide to go on to restoration too, just be aware that any time spent simply retaining will delay the restoration. My experience is that the restoration provides major benefits over simply retaining to increase sensitivity. YMMV



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            Adding slack skin provided DIFFERENT sexual benefits. See my note here:
            -Ron Low
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            847 414-1692 Chicago


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              If you don't want to have to wear an artificial device to retain or protect all the time, then YES. It is necessary. If a foreskin wasn't needed, it wouldn't be there in the first place! DUH!


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                You want to restore the gliding action as well. You should start.
                Started CI-0 with no movable skin and 0% FEC

                Currently at CI-4 with 64% FEC

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