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Skin tear :(

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  • Skin tear :(

    Dang it. Noticed I was getting a bit sore this afternoon. Seemed OK when I checked on it, so went for my normal high tension session in the evening with the TLC-X and yeah.... A couple of hours in, ouchies.

    It looks like a split in the skin where the skin joins the corona, 5 or 6 mm long. Clearly I'm going to have to take a break for at least a few days, which is not necessarily a bad thing - I had a week off in November and I've been going at it fairly hard since.

    This is my first injury in 9 months of tugging - how long do these things normally take to heal? I have this fear that if I take too long off I'll struggle to get momentum back.

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    It should take about 2 weeks to heal. In the mean time, drink lots of water, take a good multi vitamin and use aloe Vera gel on the area and it should heal nicely. Don't resume using the pusher on the TLC X until the area looks like the surrounding tissue. If you want, you should be able to do some manual #2 and concentrate on outer skin only while you are waiting to heal up.


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      Healing depends on the individual but 2 weeks should be more than long enough. Just make sure the skin has fully healed (no scab) before you start again and then use less tension to avoid the problem again.


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        I was pleasantly surprised after letting things settle for a couple of hours that I couldn't even see the damage so it mustn't be too bad. Definitely not all the way through.

        Definitely going to break for a few days though and come back slowly!