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Where am in CI scale?

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  • Where am in CI scale?

    Hey guys I'm starting my journey soon and wanted to get opinions on where my starting point is since it can be difficult to tell.

    flaccid: OK I can easily push skin past the ridge and if I really try to cover the glands I can over about 40% of the head (again when pulling skin forward)

    erect: I can push skin up to ridge and touch it but can't pull skin over the ridge.

    please leave a comment saying where you think this lands me on the scale. I can upload a photo if possible to help. Personally I would say 2. But I am curious to hear what yall say. Thanks in advance

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    Where does the skin sit normally without manipulation?

    Any manipulation throws off the chart. Temperature throws it off, exercise throws it off...

    Whip it out, and observe in all conditions, eventually you'll find a soft and hard average.
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      See I think CI is kind of BS.

      I think for most men the penis changes considerably throughout the day.

      In my softest coldest flaccid state I'm a CI-6, but "normal" a CI2 or 3. It's not really possible to have an exact number.

      A better indication would be the percent of the day you spend naturally covered, or erect coverage only (which is what I do).
      Started CI-0 with no movable skin and 0% FEC

      Currently at CI-4 with 64% FEC

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