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    Excuse me for asking, but, when you have restored, what is it like peeing with your skin pulled forward? My skin does stay forward at certain times and I tried to pee, it was like a sprinkler, I take it you have to pull the skin back to pee?!

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    I've heard other guys (intact and restored) that it's a great sensation to pee without retracting the foreskin. Like you, I've tried going with the skin forward and it's not something I do unless I am outside. ; )


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      Some seem to need to pull back, other don't.


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        Anything that blocks the urethra will cause a wonky stream. So, skin directly blocking the meatus will do this, and tension on the meatus from a "short" skin tube which pulls at the meatus, will do this. Pull back and pee. An everyday experience. Natural. Hygienic. No need to make more of it than it deserves.
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          I've read that urinating with the foreskin over the head actually flushes the area due to the sterility of urine.

          I've not ever urinated like this so I cannot say. Perhaps one day lol.
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            I've had the luxury of trying, but it's not really a great experience in my experience. In fact, I always retract, as that is the clean way. For me it feels disgusting to have urine behind the FS...
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              And you have good instincts. Here's the real world, as opposed to word-of-mouth forum nonsense (the examples I like to use are: native cultures use(d) urine to tan leather, so.....what will it do to human mucosa? Look at an infant's rear end, when urine is trapped for any length of time in a diaper (nappy).


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