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Questions on restoring with balloon technique

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  • Questions on restoring with balloon technique

    Inflation techniques are frequently cited as risky if the air inadvertently enters the urethra.
    When using the balloon technique, is there a risk of the ballon bursting and the air being forced into the urethra?

    Also, how should the length of the air bubble in the balloon best be gagued to place adequate tension in the inside skin?

    Thanks for your comments!

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    I am currently using inflation with a balloon. I have experienced a couple balloon bursts while inflated. No biggie, but it feels odd and worrying.

    I have also gotten air in my urethra when trying inflation without a balloon. Even more worrying, but no problems developed.

    I think that while the risk is there, it is a relatively low risk.

    I do not measure the length of the bubble to gauge tension. Instead I inflate until the tension feels correct. To me, that is the best method, once you know what the feeling is. I can give you a rough guide to how it feels, but you really have to experiment and see what works for you. For me, I would describe it as feeling a bit uncomfortable at first, but I can easily forget I have anything on after a few moments.