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Reverse taping/Reverse stretching method

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    Thanks for these tips! This topic is among the best resources for RTM thus far on this board.

    I hadn't previously considered the (now) obvious technique of applying unequal amounts of material around the ring. I actually haven't been using tape recently; instead I just hold everything in place manually. I had been doing that for about 30 minutes before bed each night. Progress has been slow; I am tempted to get aggressive with using higher tension, but I do want to avoid the pinching and tears.

    Have you tried using a rubber band to hold the ring and tension in place, instead of tape?


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      "Beforeskinproject". Thanks, just doing my bit! :-)

      I don't use tape at all as my version is actually called RSM (reverse stretching method) but the mechanics of the technique is the same as RTM. See my photo's at the start of the thread, I use a soft and flexible silicone ring (that I cut from a penis sleeve) to provide constricting tension and hold my skin in place. I use that instead of a rubber band or any tape because I found both of those materials to have issues. The rubber band being so thin, would cut off circulation and the tape is cumbersome to put on and remove, costly over time and is very irritating on the skin.

      Your idea of manually using RTM/RSM will yield results over time and would be an effective addition in conjunction with say; RTM all day, DTR, TLC or a manual method etc but certainly will not be super effective as a standalone method for 30 minutes a day.

      RTM/RSM works best at a medium tension over the longest session possible (8+ hours minimum) IMO.
      This is one of the better features of RTM/RSM compared with other methods, there is no need for removal throughout the day at all. No slipping, burning or removal to urinate. Once you find that equilibrium, you're on your way to some decent gains!


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        I realize this thread is gonzo but in case restoration-elz is still around.. brilliant mate! I had all but given up after using rtm for a good stint a year or two back and being fed up with materials and cumbersome application. I stumbled on this thread and it made me realize you can do rsm using 2 items. Baby sock with the toe clipped off and a bottle nipple with everything except the cylindrical part cut off. Roll the sock into a ring shape, and use the silicone ring to hold skin. I did some testa for a few hours and like the stretch, will be a nice change from my usual inflation routines
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