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Salamander's Results after 2 years of restoring.

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  • Salamander's Results after 2 years of restoring.

    Hi y'all. I am salamander. I started restoring 2 years ago with the tlc tugger after some manual exercises. Then I moved on to a weighted device called the PUG I believe. It was stainless steel.
    I was over zealous and injured myself with both devices because of too much weight and too much tension.

    After 1.8 years of tugging, I threw away my devices due to a severe injury. It was likely a tear or a stretching of a vein. I went through hell for 6 months and after healing decided to only do manual tugging with RUBBER GLOVES on. I have been very successful using rubber gloves and doing 30 minutes of tugging per week. Actually progress is moving faster with the manual tugging than with prior devices. Although I will say that the devices were excellent and would suggest them. BUT PLEASE USE VERY LIGHT TENSION AND WEIGHT!! TAKE BREAKS!! DO NOT GET OVER ZEALOUS!!

    Like I said I injured myself and almost lost my job!!

    Anyway, here is my current progress, and I am happily trying to reach my goal of F.E.C. Wish me luck, with all 8 in. And by the way if you have any issue with any kind of discomfort. USE ICE. ICE works tremendously well as a healing agent in any injuries! Wish I realized that sooner!

    Happy tugging.

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    Wow, that must have been a pretty bad injury, to have almost cost you your job. Glad you recovered, and were able to resume.
    Really awesome progress. I hope I am at least that far along by the time I hit 1.8 years.
    What CI number did you start at?


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      started with absolutely no foreskin, super tight circumcision. i think the injury was somehow to my testicles... or the wiring to them.


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        Considering where you started, that's pretty awesome. I've heard lots of stories of guys restoring for 5+ years, and not getting to where you're at.


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          thanks alot man, means alot. i honestly think i would be very far right now if i did not have the injury. the stainless steel PUD is an EXCELLENT tool. it worked amazingly well. I liked the tugger, but pinching became an issue for me. But manual tugging with rubber gloves is the way to go if you have the skin for it. But its easy with all techniques to over do it. It is addicting and sometimes you get greedy for results.


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            heres a couple more pics. wish me luck, i have to take breaks and let myself heal, otherwise I use too much force. trying to do 2 hours a week, when i start back up


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              Also, if anyone is wondering, not that these are amazing results, but I am happy, I only tug AFTER work because I work construction. Until my injury I was tugging very devotedly every night. I literally had a seizure I think from lack of blood flow, maybe a blood clot. Saw many doctors, but cancelled an appointment with a urologist when I started to feel better.

              Now I am lucky to do 2 hours per week of manual tugging, otherwise something goes wrong with most likely my testicles, repeat trauma, which gives me anxiety symptoms such as inability to think, and also discomfort in testicles, and general extreme exhaustion, nerve issues, feeling issues in hands and feet. ICE has helped heal my issues.

              Obviously I have to be very careful, I think my case is unique though being that there may be veins which have been damaged. Probably nerves as well.... Anyway, not to depress you guys, but I hope to continue, see you in 2 years for another update. Because of my situation I am always on the verge of quitting for good, but usually the addiction brings me back to tugging again. I enjoy the tranformation of my body on such a scale as this. Feel as though I am becoming a new person... Hopefully this is not considered a sin, although it may be... I am a Christian. I figure at least I am not doing drugs or other harmful things like that.

              Anyway, sorry to bore you, and have a good couple years, see you later friends. And a big thank you to Ron Low, for the introduction to tugging and a great product line.

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