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    Has anyone done any study or research into supporting their restoration nutritionally?

    My mother has just trained as a naturopathic nutritionist, and she asked some of her lecturers what they thought.
    I've been taking a few supplements to hopefully boost my body's ability to make new cells based on those conversations. I'm generally pretty healthy anyway, so get a good balance of nutrients from my food, but I supplement this with added:

    Vitamin C
    Vitamin A
    Protein powder
    Nucleotides - this is an interesting one. I don't know much about, but is supposedly good for speeding up healing processes.

    And I've been putting coconut oil on topically now and again, with no particular regularity.

    I look forward to your thoughts and experiences.

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    Eat a balanced diet and epidermal cell turnover will happen as it should. It does this on its own, governed by your body's rules, not magic, not "like cures like" bullshit. NO supplementation is needed unless you have a pre existing disease state. But let's look at what you've posted:

    1. Naturopathic "medicine" isn't medicine at all, and by and large is quackery, with NO scientific proof, ie repeatable results in the lab, and in the clinic. It's a scam, and once you actually look into it you'll see how ridiculous it is, assuming you have any education in basic human physiology.

    2. Vitamin C at any level other than what your body needs, is excreted in urine. Oops, there goes that extra you paid for......So you are literally pissing away anything over what your body needs, which is provided in a balanced diet. If you are living in the 18th Century and are at sea, or live in a war-torn 3rd world country, and have scurvy (a disease state) then take in vitamin C via fruit and vegetables and you'll be fine. Take extra C and the bullshit vitamin "supplementation" industry will be a little richer, and you will just be you, however boring you currently find that.

    3. Zinc is actually poorly understood beyond a certain point. So if science, with its rigorous methods of study, doesn't have it nailed down completely, what makes you think that anybody else does. Take enough, and you run into zinc toxicity. Not pretty. It's a mineral, and only needed in very small dietary amounts, best anyone can tell, so again, eat a balanced diet and you'll be fine.

    4. Vitamin A is NOT pissed away, it's stored in fat tissue. It stays there. This means you can run into toxicity fairly quickly via "supplementation". Happens more often that you might think, given the clueless public's susceptibility to advertising hype and ignorance of their own physiology.

    5. Protein powder. You have to assume there's actually something IN whatever you buy that even remotely passes for protein which can be assimilated, considering that the "supplementation" industry is completely unregulated. But assuming there is, then too much protein is also toxic, and wipes out your kidney function pretty quickly. Overburdened renal function goes south inevitably, especially if your kidneys are sluggish to begin with. Understand human physiology, don't fall for the crap, and get tested for a baseline function in all of this. And know that "protein" has nothing to do with epidermal mitosis beyond the maintenance rate, which is what we're shootin' for.

    6. "Nucleotides". Hopefully you realize this is a general term, not a specific descriptor. But that aside, what promised mechanism, affected by a "supplemented" amount, was described to you? In other words, what form does this come in, and HOW does this help, from initial intake to some sort of realized benefit? And why are you taking something you know nothing about?

    7. Coconut oil: a saturated fat in oil form which will make your penis smell like coconut oil. Won't do anything else. Period. Probably works for a masturbation medium, but you can buy better.

    See my post on how tension stimulates some additional basal layer cell proliferation. Has nothing to do with "supplementation" and never will. Some facts are known, like candles flickering in a very deep darkness. Doesn't mean you should willingly walk around in the dark while ignoring the light in front of you.

    You asked for thoughts, I'm giving you facts. Facts are better than thoughts.


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      Wow, "Guest", thank you for that.
      You clearly have some strong opinions and good advice.
      Can you please clarify - I want to be sure I get this right: Are you saying I SHOULD be taking supplements, or SHOULDN'T?
      I wouldn't want to get confused and go against what you think. Especially after you've been so friendly and helpful.