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Hot weather: how to keep the DTR in place?

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  • Hot weather: how to keep the DTR in place?

    Hello everybody!
    I've been using the DTR for over a year from CI-3 to somewhere between CI-3 and CI-4. I live in France and the weather is getting hot! The problem is when I come home from work and put on the device, it tends to slip off because of the sweat. I usually clean my penis and the DTR device, which then stays in place longer but still not as long as just after a shower. Have you got any tips on how to improve the "grip" of the DTR when it gets hot?

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    Try blotting the adhesive from tape made for contact with human skin, on the surfaces which come in contact with your skin (you can use the tape itself, with a little skill). There is also a spray adhesive available, but I don't have any experience with it, and I think it might be an international sale/shipping sort of thing. Easier just to buy a simple roll of tape locally, in my opinion.

    Bon chance.


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      Thanks for your help!