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TLC-X vs. DTR (reviews)

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  • TLC-X vs. DTR (reviews)

    I started off with the TLC-X, and ordered a DTR for later in my restoration. I'd heard you really can't use a DTR until you hit ~CI-4, but I tried it out when it got delivered. To my surprise, I'm able to use it just fine as a CI-2. Since I've had the chance to use both of these products, I thought it might be helpful to people considering purchasing either one to be able to see first-hand accounts of the strengths of each product, compared to each other. I've made sure to follow the instructions for each one, to the letter, to make sure my comparisons aren't influenced by misuse.
    I've put my "pros" for each product below. Obviously, this is mostly subjective, so feel free to add your own thoughts if you've used both.
    Also, be advised that my comparisons are based on ONLY using the standard method of applying static tension (no rubber bands, weights, spacers, springs, or straps).

    - Very beginner friendly. Doesn't require a lot of excess skin to begin using.
    - Easier to put on, and take off, than the DTR.
    - A bit less bulky than the DTR. Both can be worn under clothes, without something looking amiss, but the TLC-X is the less conspicuous of the two.
    - Ships out faster than DTR.
    - Offers parts customized to fit you, as a standard option.
    - This is very much personal preference, but I much prefer the Your Skin cone, to DTR's retaining setup.

    - Slightly cheaper (based on comparing the basic TLC-X kit against the most similar options from the DTR store).
    - Less fragile than TLC-X.
    - Grips much more securely (some might say the grip is too tight).
    - Much more gentle on the glans. Whenever I remove the TLC-X, I have raised white bumps (edema, if I'm correct) around the edge of where the push plate was applying pressure to the glans. This doesn't hurt, and it goes away with time, but it still can't be good for you.
    - Better selection of push plates. In particular, options that afford more ample room for those who still have all/part of their frenulum.
    - Easier to prevent the skin from wrinkling during application of the device.
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