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Why TLC Tugger keeps coming off again and again ?

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  • Why TLC Tugger keeps coming off again and again ?

    Why does TLC Tugger keep coming off again and again? Why TLC Tugger keeps coming off again and again ? Please help...

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    I had a little trouble keeping it on when I first tried mine. I found that, when it started to fall off, if I washed it and myself with soap and water, it would stay on better.
    Moisture and skin oil could both be contributing to your difficulties.


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        We need to roll skin up to cover as much of the white tugging body as is comfortably possible, to grip a wide area of skin. Add GENTLE tension in accord with the 4-Hour Rule: Gentle tension gets the job done, and you'll know it's working when you do your monthly or quarterly FEC readings
        -Ron Low
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          I agree about the FEC readings. I was shocked to find that the past couple months I've gained around 10% FEC, yet visually very little.
          Started CI-0 with no movable skin and 0% FEC

          Currently at CI-4 with 64% FEC

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            I will say, wash it with dish soap (non lemon or you will smell like... lemon) and water and it will retain the tackiness for a very long time if you wash it every day. Wash all the components with water and dish soap every day.

            When applying the device, make sure you have your skin inside nice and even without one side more than the other. This is also to get a good even stretch, but to prevent one side from loosening up and slipping off.

            As you are just getting started, try applying the device and if it is solid, wait about 20-30 minutes and then take it off and reapply it. Your skin will have loosened up more and you can roll more of it forward. If it doesn't seem like a lot now, it will only gain in length the more you grow.