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My Experience With FR and Personal Issues Alongside It

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  • My Experience With FR and Personal Issues Alongside It

    This is my first time ever posting on a forum of this matter so I hope it gets along well if you'd like to skip ahead to my questions the last paragraph is where to find them.
    Hey everyone, I'm going to go by "Fishkeeper" because I'm really into the hobby and if anyone ever has any questions concerning it let me know and I'll help you in that regard the best I can. For further reference I have two 120 gallon aquariums, one planted "amazon" themed tank and another simply schemed discus tank.

    Anyway, I am currently a college student studying human genetics and Russian language. I'm from the bible belt and I didn't even know my genitals had been mutilated against my will until my sixth grade health class when my teacher mentioned the foreskin off the cuff and I pressed him further on it because it was something I HAD NEVER HEARD OF. I come from a single mother home, more of which I can talk on length to how detrimental that was for not only my psyche as a male but in general to anyone interested, and when she picked me up after school that day I asked her if she'd done this to me. Living in America, a country I believed to be a "leader of the world" (lets keep this non political please lol), I thought there was no way that my body would be altered without my consent. Nevertheless my mother told me I was and my instantaneous reaction was to cry. Which she laughed at. My mother got her father to talk to me about it after I had researched the issue and just berated her on it. I found out his parents, both doctors, circumcised many children and the only reason he wasn't was because he had a short foreskin. My grandfather told me it was "cleaner" and I refuted with STD statistical comparisons of Europe and America and told him about Dr. Kellogg and how it was simply a ploy to stop boys from masturbating. I've never talked to my grandfather on the issue again.

    The thought hasn't left my mind since sixth grade and now I will be entering my senior year of college in the fall. Between sixth grade and now I remember so vividly further discussions with my mother on how my own doctor commented on "how it was a great circ" to her when I was an infant and to myself when I was around 16 asking if I knew what it meant. I began telling her how much I resented the fact that my genitals were altered, mutilated, and how I would of chosen the opposite. I mentioned that if I were to have sons I would leave them whole and she joked how "she'd steal them away and have it done".To which I retorted I'd use the full extent of the law to see she was punished. I learned of foreskin restoration when I was in ninth grade and my attempts at it were very crude. I would use aspirin bottles, or pharmacy bottles, heating a knife and melting off the bottom and then placing holes on either side of where the cap screws on and attaching makeshift metal clips to then nonelastic rope. I would use tape to secure my foreskin remnant and attempt to tug. At this time I was a high cut c2/c3, and to be honest its as if whomever circumcised me left my frenulum to the circ scar intact outside of unlatching it from where it would join my meatus, simply leaving it where the glans end in an apex, and I quickly gave up because it was painful using tape and I felt like it was better to wait until I was older. In my senior year of high school after my mom had jokingly brought it up again telling me that it "looked better and girls wouldn't want it natural" I became enraged with her just screaming at her how "if its just a simple snip and its only extra skin mom, how about we go to the hospital right now and you have your clitoral hood removed? I mean its only extra right? and its the anatomical mirror so you wouldn't miss that." You can imagine how that went over. When it comes to my father on the issue I have never asked. I barely have contact with the man but I do remember him very distinctly pulling his remaining skin forward onto the head of his penis at the urinal. (Before my parents split(when I was 3-5y/o) my father would take me to football games and as little kids do because of curiosity I would look at my father.) Thinking on it now it makes me believe he would of been reluctant to have me circumcised and perhaps has dabbled in restoration himself. Throughout this time and onto now I have had many conversation with politically charged women on the issue and talk about how their genitals were protected and boys are not but nonetheless it falls on deaf ears unless someone is really willing to think about it and "go against the grain". I also find it hilarious that any attempt this community provides to be passed into law is shot down as antisemitic/Islamic and my whole retort to this is, if your culture/religion hinges on that of a baby's genitals being mutilated you don't have a culture at all. At least not one welcomed in the western world.

    Fast forwarding to the summer of 2016, I made more of my original devices but decided that instead of tugging I'd use a packing method instead. I'd simply cram as much toilet paper into the device as I could then put the cap on. Even with waterproof tape this method was lacking as the tape would lose its adherence shortly after. In the spring semester of my junior year of college(2017), I found myself willing, actually more or less able, to invest funds into my restoration and finally begin again. I first bought the traditional TLCTugger and within the same week bought a TLC-X. I couldn't find a way to use the tugger under my clothes because the skin cone would rub against either the fabric of my pants or my thighs, I'm not overweight by any means, and thus come off. I would use the TLC-X whilst going commando and it would stay on for some time but I didn't really feel I was making any progress, the skin didn't feel like it was getting any tension. Thus I researched the DTR and purchased everything Chuck has to offer. I began talking my roommate and by proxy our floor mates on the subject. It was a lot of rinse and repeat from experience with my grandfather and mother but I would end every discussion with the saying, "would you rather have your son say, 'I wish you didn't, or I wish you did' because theres only one you can do something about". This whole time I was masquerading as uncut and one floor mate of mine was so upset he was cut that I led him to the reddit thread and to the TLC and DTR websites. My roommate was very adamant on the topic to which he said, "if I don't do it to him he'll never have it done"... exactly. He further retorted it "wasn't my decision" to which I replied, "I don't think it is your's either". This stopped him in his tracks and hopefully I planted a seed which may save his future son(s).

    I have now been restoring quite intensively for the past month however herein lies another problem, my girlfriend whom I am living with until august, is coming home from a study abroad next week. She has been in Africa and in her first week there had to write on FGM. We had a large discussion on circumcision after she asked me why its done in America, and I had told her all that I have written thus far, social conditioning and years of medical malpractice in hopes of deterring sexual promiscuity and masturbation, excluding only the fact that I am currently restoring. She knows that men can restore just not that I am. She agrees it is wrong to cut any child and wouldn't do so to her own, which is a win. I also found it ironic that if one even relates the fact that women are this protected class when it comes to genital integrity, as they should be, if one even points out the double standard they are BLASTED with how bad FGM is and "there's is no comparison" etc etc until the topic is dropped. This isn't a competition just stop touching/altering kids genitals period. Point out the double standard to your friends and talk about it, it is the only way we are going to get this "tradition" to the fringe minority. I think I am going to tell her I am restoring, frankly I may start telling anyone at this point just to get the topic out there, not only because I will be living with her for the next six weeks but also because now that I've truly begun I don't want to stop.

    I believe I am about two weeks away from c4 and my question for anyone is, are there any tips and tricks out there that'll make this process as smooth as possible? I have minor scaring on a portion of where my glans meets my inner foreskin remnant that I am trying to work around but besides that I have mainly been focusing on inner foreskin growth. I pull as much skin "out of the device" to have the DTR push plate focused directly on where the glans connect to the inner foreskin and have actually noticed that a majority of my progress has added wrinkles above where my frenulum remnant met the IF before restoring. I actually believe I will be able to "jimmy rig" my frenulum back into doing what it was meant to do, at least to an extent. I haven't taken pictures and do not plan to however my end goal is c9. I would like to have my circumcision scar just within the pucker and I more or less want to be mistaken as uncut for the rest of my life. I use the TLCTugger while laying down or barely moving when around the house and plan to use a weighted method later on for outer skin growth. I want to focus on IF first and then grow my outer foreskin in response. Does retaining help the growing process? If not I do not think I'll retain until I have reached an IF length I am comfortable with so that my glans do not become too sensitive while I am using the bi-directional DTR and thus have pressure on my glans. To the experienced restorers does this sound like a good game plan? I also put aloe on the skin after a day of tugging and have begun taking a biotin supplement. They're inexpensive but from what I've researched they may help even just a little bit. Any suggestions or talking points are welcome but at all else, thank you for your time.
    Currently on the cusp of being completely confident in claiming c4 and will begin dating my progress here whence accomplished.

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    I'm not very experienced, but while researching FR, I've come across a lot of advice from people who are. So, no personal experience, but it can't hurt for me to share what I've heard...
    My understanding is that retaining is primarily done to encourage dekeratinization. I've heard that it's not a good idea to start retaining until you have some coverage on the glans, because if that tough layer of outer skin falls off, you're going to be very uncomfortable having no foreskin to protect the glans. It'll rub against your clothing, and hurt.
    I haven't come across anyone saying that retaining actively improves skin growth.

    As for the tips to make things go "as smooth as possible", there are tons of suggestions out there, but because there have been no real studies into FR, it's impossible to verify what actually works, and what the people who suggest them just believe works. There are a myriad of suggestions that I've seen discussed (taking certain vitamins, taking X number of days off every week/month, using certain lotions and such, etc.), but for every person who suggests something, there are people who call bullshit on it for one reason or another. I think the only advice that everyone would agree on, is to experiment and discover something that works for you...while staying safe, of course. It seems you've already done that a bit, with the aloe and biotin. If you aren't already, perhaps you could try incorporating some manual tugging. Just an idea.

    I hope this helped a little bit. Good luck, brother. Stick with it.
    Thank you for sharing your story.


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      1. Not sure what you mean by "smooth as possible". There aren't any surprises hiding behind a bush, or your bush, so just go on tugging and growth will happen as it happens, slowly and intermittently, as it always has done.

      2. I'm also not sure what you mean by saying you are "about 2 weeks away from C4". How would anyone know that? That's an impossible statement. That isn't how skin expansion works; the process goes much more slowly than that, so I'd have to comment by saying that, if anyone is two weeks away then really they're there already. Two weeks is nothing in the scale of time it requires. However: ..... if you tug on a regular basis then there might be a slight retraction to your shaft skin over time, after you quit tugging. So any perceived end-point might fall short of what you thought you were looking at. Not by a lot, but by a little bit. No big deal.

      3. A decent diet is all that's needed for skin growth. No supplement, no topical substance will "help" with the process. Again, that isn't how the process works.

      4. In my experience with forum posts, the "don't cover your glans, it'll hurt if you don't have skin coverage" is primarily theoretical, said by guys who aren't anywhere close to their goal (assuming they are tugging at all), who wanted to say something so they can "belong" to the forum. But that aside, it's your choice. If you are sexually active, then sooner rather than later, would be my suggestion. Artificial coverage with cross taping works fine for this purpose; it is, by definition, coverage with your own skin. A return of increased sensation takes time, not just the so-called "dekeratinization" to experience the small increase in glans sensitivity, and the potentially greater increase in sensation from old inner foreskin. Why not start now, especially if you are already thinking about cross taping. You will be very pleasantly surprised, in time, even if you're only fapping. (I mean, if you can't show yourself a good time, it's doubtful you'll be better with somebody else ).

      5. Cross taping is generally accepted as a neutral method. In other words, not enough tension, or no tension at all, is placed on tissues. It has always been seen as a fine retaining/covering method, and nothing else. You can pack the skin tube you make with cross taping, using soft items, and it is thought that this might place some tension on the tissues, but nobody knows that for a fact, and of course there are many methods which do obviously create enough tension, so why guess. Again, cross taping = good for covering.

      (And now.............Info's annual curriculum vitae):

      I am finished. It took me 9 years + to reach full flaccid coverage, and a bit (I experimented with various aspects of tugging after reaching my goal). I have experienced a significant increase in sensation. I experience so-called "full body orgasms" (and more). I have read thousands of posts, lurked on a number of forums since the late 90s, have answered many more posts from that time on. I have a background in anatomy, physiology, and the clinical application of so-called "medical science". This includes procedures and treatments. I have an additional background in assessing physician requests for payment, and looking at requests when they drift into the realm of experimental and investigational procedures. I can read a policy paper, and put it in context, and read an abstract and translate it.

      And I can smell a forum dandy a mile away, as can some others here. (We've all seen so many of them). So you can believe what I say, or not, that's your choice too.

      My only suggestion is to go on tugging, ask questions, and then look carefully at the answers, and do what research you think you need to do. This whole process is about becoming stronger. I want you to become wiser and stronger. You are a potential intactivist. Hang in there, you'll see what you want to see with time. It's a good forum (welcome). But you have to keep your eyes open (some here will make stuff up on the spot, and they despise knowing the facts surrounding restoration and intactivism).
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        Thank you both for replying. I guess my word choice was out of touch at points but oh well the message got across. What I meant by this process going as smooth as possible was a query for anecdotal experience of others in what they found worked best for them, what caused injury or eureka moments. When I gauge my "two weeks out" I am using Chuck's 1-24 month as a litmus and applying what I have noticed in myself so its a ballpark estimate to keep myself enthralled in doing what I am doing, "KOT", as once that goal is reached I'll have another. When it comes to the biology of it all I beg to differ that keeping the area I am targeting hydrated isn't going to help the mitosis process nor does adding factors that influence skin growth in unnaturally high amounts wont shift the equilibrium of the chemical reactions within the skin to their product side. Of course it may all be hot air, as no one is really researching this exact topic in the sense of experimental trial but if I think it does maybe the placebo phenomena will help me at the very least. I am currently eating the healthiest I ever have in my entire life now that I am on my own and shopping for myself, I'm literally baking my own bread. When it comes to retaining I'm at a crossroads because, although yes I am sexually active with my girlfriend and to have an increased sense of my penis would be something I cannot even comprehend would be neat, I do not want my glans to become so sensitive that if they were not covered or in contact with my DTR I would experience discomfort and/or pain. I do have enough inner foreskin alone to cover my flaccid gland completely and I would probably use an O-ring or my Yourskincone but I think I will still keep restoring IF with the method I have previously stated. I do use direct air from time to time and I have yet to go to the hardware store to buy some washers but I think looking forward I will alternate by week inner and outer foreskin restoration. I have a really lofty goal but not the biggest I've seen. I'm going to keep making small goals that eventually lead up to what I truly want. Let me know of your own experience?
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        Currently on the cusp of being completely confident in claiming c4 and will begin dating my progress here whence accomplished.